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Slip Rings Mechanism

Many people may want to know the exact mechanism of slip rings, the slip ring is a device that mainly constituted by the ring body and the electrical brush, and can provide signal and power in an arbitrary rotation state for the fixed member and the operation member of a variety of devices. The slip ring`s body also known as the axis of the core, is a ring composed of a plurality of conductive ring roads those insulated between each other, and which remains corresponding contact with each ring road is the electrical brush. The electrical brush uses precious metal alloys elastic material; wear resistance, electrical conductivity, and stability performance are very good. The electrical brush holds the V-type contact through the elastic and the metal ring on the ring body. Thereby to achieve the ring body held in sliding contact with the electrical brush during the rotation of the slip ring`s body, so as to achieve the function of the slip ring transmission current in the rotation.

Based on the differences of using requirements, installation conditions, using environment, the role of principle, slip rings can be divided into the capsule slip rings, separated slip rings, through hole slip ring, wind turbine slip ring, mercury slip ring, fiber optic slip ring, high-frequency slip ring, and waterproof moisture-proof style, resistant to high temperature style and carbon brushes and other special specifications customized slip rings. To adapt to the special conditions of use in all walks of life, slip ring as critical components of the mechanical and electrical aspects of the various equipment, widely used in national defense, marine, mining, energy, construction, security, industrial automation, and other military and civilian use fields, provided perfect current, complex signal and power transmission solutions for a variety of facilities.

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Slip Rings Mechanism

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