How Are Mercury Slip Rings Different From Conventional Slip Rings?

Date: 2018-10-22 16:35:56

      A slip ring can be defined as a type of electromechanical device which helps in the transmission of data signals and power from a stationary structure to a rotation one. An electrical slip ring is meant to be used in any of the electromechanical systems which require rotation and supply of power at the same time and is also known as a collector, commutator, rotary electrical interface, and electrical rotary joint.

      A slip ring is used in various applications in different industries. It is used in the machinery processing of food, packaging machinery, arcade machines, welding machines, amusement rides, defense equipment of militants, antennas, windmills, car washing equipment, etc.

      To make slip ring fit for various different applications, the slip ring has numerous types. mercury slip ring is the one that has a somewhat same performance as the electrical slip ring. Having the advantage of a mercury contact slip ring, it acts as a conducting media and help in the transfer of the current and power signals through a liquid metal in a normal temperature condition.


      The mercury slip ring, however, differs in features, applications, and installations than that of a conventional slip ring. The difference between them can be explained in details below:

Differences between conventional slip ring and mercury slip ring

      Constructive difference: A slip ring is made up of some electrically conductive materials which are kept around a shaft concentrically. Using the brushes, it allows the signals and power to pass between a stationary part and a rotating part of a machine.


      The mercury slip ring, on the other hand, is fixed to one of the ends of a rotating shaft, coaxial with that of an axis of rotation which affects the durability of a slip ring.


      Functional difference: The slip ring simplifies the structure of the system. It can successfully transfer the Ethernet signals such as RS, USB, CANbus, encoder signal, FireWire, servo motor signal, thermocouple, and strain gauges.

      A slip ring, the band of electrical conductive pieces that are built on a shaft. The slip ring is attached to the rotor, using some kinds of windings or electrical connection. The outer segment is kept in continuous contact with conductors (stationary brushes).


      The mercury slip ring is used in various functions such as cable wheels, winding machines, LED signal board, medical equipment, in arms of a robot, wind turbines generator, manufacturing, and handling of machinery, rotating tables, rotating cameras etc. Its mode of transfer of signals and data is through mercury contact acting as a conductive media under normal temperature.

Advantages of mercury slip ring over conventional slip ring

      The mercury slip ring has several advantages over the conventional slip ring. It has a lot of characteristics that pick it over slip rings. The mercury slip rings require a very low maintenance than the conventional slip ring. They have a smaller structure that can be fit well into any system easily. It also renders a simplified and smooth installation than that of the conventional slip ring which is a bit complex. In high-speed conditions and big current flow, the performance of the mercury slip ring is faster than that of the conventional slip ring.


      Furthermore, since the mercury lip ring is liquid and also conductive, the passing of signals and controlling of current is more suitable than the conventional slip ring.

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