Establishing a Combination of Function to Save Cost

Date: 2018-11-05 16:29:17

      The statement/topic establishing a combination of function to save cost on the surface might seem hard to comprehend at first glance, but the genesis of the combination of the function is to bring two separate units into a single assembly. In our case, the two unit represents the hydraulic swivel and the slip ring. It revolves around the set objective to reduce cost as the combination of the slip ring and swivels unit for transmission purpose would ultimately reduce the cost for two reasons. Firstly, the need for maintenance is reduced to minimal and secondly, the extra cost of introducing additional components is taken out of the equation.

Role of hydraulic swivels and slip ring in different equipment

      Practically, all the high-end equipment used in a variety of fields such as mining, construction, agriculture, and various other kinds of heavy equipment is highly dependent on the hydraulic swivels. Also, it is interesting to note that almost all of this equipment also rotating parts for transmission of hydraulic fluids from the stationary part to a rotating part.

      In most cases, the rotating swivel acts as a slip ring and carries out the transmission of hydraulic fluid. But the fact of the matter is that the rotating swivels are just limited to transfer of hydraulic fluids. And for any equipment to work at its prime needs a regular flow of electrical current and data signals and not just transmission of fluids. Thus, the designers have a place in hydraulic swivel and slip ring separately, so that both the transmission of electrical signals and hydraulic fluids.


Bringing both hydraulic swivel and slip ring in one unit

      We have discussed the need for including both the swivel and slip ring separately, but at the same, we also need to take into consider extra cost to be incurred to include parts and carrying out maintenance. Thus, the designers now have resorted to including both the slip ring and the swivel into a single slip ring assembly unit, which is outrightly economical.


      One of the most important disadvantages of using the two units separately is the high risk of operational breakdown. Thus, it is not just plainly about reducing cost, it has a say in the overall performance of the equipment. The approach of bringing two separate units into one assembly brings down the risk of component failure along with improving economies of scale.


Employing slip ring and swivel unit from a single manufacturer


      It is highly advisable that you must include the slip ring and the swivel unit form a single manufacturer. It would make the installation process simpler and the compatibility of the units with the equipment at hand can be assured. Also, the differences in design cue os limited as opposed to a situation in which you get both the units from different manufacturers. The advantage of having a similar design cue is that parts employed mean all the external factors that might the performance light moisture and other elements have been checked with. So, until the slip ring manufacturers come up with an advanced slip ring that might be apt enough to transmit both data signals and fluid the idea of bringing two units into one umbrella is highly recommended.

Reference Parts# of Slip Rings as below:
MT3899 series Rotating Slip Ring | Electrical Rotating Connector
MFO600A series Fiber Optic Rotary Joints(optional+Electrical Slip Rings)
MSE2025 series - Servo Encoder Slip Rings
MW3086 series Amp Slip Ring | Power Slip Rings
ME1221 seriesCEthernet Slip Rings
Explosion-Proof Slip Ring | Ex-Proof Slip Rings

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