An Insight into the Use of Slip Rings in Oceanographic Equipment

Date: 2018-11-03 09:24:07

      The ubiquitous source of curiosity that has long kept the marine scientist engaged is to uncover the mystery that lurks beneath the surface of blue crystal water and the use of slip ring directly and indirectly for the aforesaid purpose is inevitable. Also, there are several motives of the marine industry for which oceanographic equipment is used besides finding the what lies at the depths.


      The use of a slip ring in the oceanographic equipment is quite crucial. To make the context of the aforesaid statement clear it is sufficient enough to bring up the fact that the conventional slip ring is used in deep seas winch assembly units.

      The term which refers to a core mechanical equipment which is used to let out or in simplest terms wind out and let in that wind in the rope or cable wire. They are also used to adjust the tension between the wire cable or rope wire.


Problems with using orthodox slip ring in oceanographic equipment


      At this point, it is well established that conventional slip rings serve no good purpose for the oceanographic equipment. But at the same time, it is also important to know as to why such a situation arises in relation to the ineffectiveness of the slip ring.


      The major problem they arise with the use of generic slip rings is the arcing that is introduced in the system in between the channels largely due to the humid and wet oceanographic condition. One of the crucial elements of the use of a conventional slip ring which needs to be discussed is the incapability of the slip ring to adjust to varying temperature. Furthermore, a technical glitch in the contact between the slip ring and brush induces an amplified level of resistance. Further, the resistance hampers the quality of signal transfer between the different component. Thus, the overall functionality of the equipment is quite naturally hampered.


Some other problems which the manufactures of oceanographic equipment and the testing team had to face are listed below.


1.Corrosion of slip ring in the moist and humid condition which reduces the longevity of the slip ring. Also, the salt water corrodes the brush and disrupts the contact causing resistance.


2. The conventional slip rings needed regular maintenance which reduces the cost-effectiveness and at the same time, the slip rings further need for the addition of external elements for its protectivity making it economically less viable.


Coming to a solution

      Observing the continuity at which the oceanographic equipment manufacturer brought the issue to the forefront slip ring manufacturer all over the world began infusing more investment in research me development teams which proved to be a profitable investment. As the manufacturers came up with rotary electrical connectors that were tailor-made to suit the oceanographic conditions.


      The tailor-made rotary electrical connectors were designed to reduce the level of resistance and at the same time provide quality signal transmission in the varying water temperature. Apart from the stainless steel design and the users will be able to have a charity of the subsea connector which naturally fit in the system without the need of any component being added and to top the users can take the option of customization for increased efficiency and simpler operation.

Reference Parts# of Slip Rings as below:
MT1256F series Through Bore Slip Ring
MT3899 series Rotating Slip Ring | Electrical Rotating Connector
MFO600A series Fiber Optic Rotary Joints(optional+Electrical Slip Rings)
MSE2025 series - Servo Encoder Slip Rings
MW3086 series Amp Slip Ring | Power Slip Rings
ME1221 seriesCEthernet Slip Rings

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