High-Speed Slip Ring and Its Important Aspects

Date: 2018-11-13 18:30:01

      As known quite commonly the slip ring is a type of electromechanical device, which is used to transmit signals from the stationary component to a rotating part and vice versa. However, there is more to slip rings, which need to be known than just the generic definition. Knowing certain information like the type of rings that are available to the components of slip rings makes the user apt enough to make the right choice. The reason for linking to different aspects of the slip rings to ultimately choosing the right one as the design pattern of all slip rings are not the same and similarly, a different set of equipment requires a different kind of slip ring. So, it becomes necessary for the user to the learn about the slip rings in a bit more detailed manner.

Variation in slip ring with respect to performance requirements

      As discussed earlier, the choice of slip ring is crucial and another important reason to stress on the right choice of slip rings stems from the fact that picking the right set of slip rings eventually determine the performance level. Considering the performance parameter, the slip ring can be divided into following categories low and high-speed slip ring, low/ high-temperature slip ring, slip-proof ring, and waterproof slip ring.

Amongst the give mentioned slip ring the high-speed slip ring is the key for transmission for power and signals for precision equipment.

Role of the high-speed slip ring

      The equipment which has been introduced in recent past has brought in the need for a special kind of slip ring which could meet the high rotational speed. As the modern machinery operates with a set requirement of ten thousands of revolution per minute, which quite clearly is not attainable through regular slip rings. Also, the structural formation of the device and the space requirements along with high-speed impedance combined make the choice of slip ring difficult. For complying with the aforesaid conditions, the slip ring suppliers have introduced the high-speed slip ring.

Important elements of the high-speed slip ring

      The high-speed rings have been designed with the following the lines of latest slip ring technology. It includes the choice of high-quality material which could meet the high rotational requirement for a longer period of time, placing a high wear material, and finally, including multi-touch contacts, which account side a reliable transition of data and power and all other kinds of signals even at a higher rotational speed. Another important aspect of high speed slip ring is that it is a quite cost-effective method to comply with high rotational speed. Yes, initially the cost for obtaining and installing such slip rings may be high, but the quality of material used reduce the need for maintenance and constant repairs.

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