MOFLON improved the key parameters of slip ring

    For the past 10 years, MOFLON always focused to improve the performance of industrial slip ring, including increasing the working life, making contact resistance lower, and so on, for many key parameters, MOFLON improved them and supplied perfect slip rings to worldwide.
    For the convenience of customers to understand the slip rings and have a better choice, MOFLON according to many years` experience of development and application of slip rings. It summarizes the key parameters of low frequency slip rings. The key parameters of slip ring are as follows:
    1) The working voltage of slip ring
    Each slip ring has its rated working voltage,and the rated voltage is mainly restricted by insulation materials and space size. Surpassing its rated voltage may lead to poor insulation and internal breakdown, and the series can lead to burn damage.
    2) The rated current of a slip ring
    The area and electric conductivity of contact materials determine the maximum load current of a slip ring. If it surpasses the rated working current, it will lead to the temperature of contact point position rise rapidly, resulting in the contact position air expansion to lead to contact point separation, contact point gratification. Not a serious situation leads to the contact to have an intermittent bad effect, and in serious situations, it will lead to the slip ring complete damage and failure.
    MOFLON`s slip ring supports surpassing the rated current`s 50% working in the moment.
    3) The insulation resistance of slip ring
    Insulation resistance usually refers to the conductive resistance between any ring and other rings and the shell in multi-access slip rings. The insulation resistance is affected by the insulation materials and environmental humidity between the rings. In the situation of low insulation resistance, it will cause the control signal in the conveying process to produce interference, error code and cross interference. In the situation of high voltage, it will produce light and temperature-rising, etc. MOFLON products guarantee the insulation resistance of minimum 500 megohm.
    4) The contact resistance of slip ring
    The contact resistance is to describe the requirement of slip ring contact reliability. The contact resistance size depends on the contact friction auxiliary material type, contact pressure, the finish of contact surface, etc. In case of contact material confirmation, the contact resistance can not blindly seek lower, which can properly reduce the contact resistance requirements; and it will extend the life span of a slip ring. MOFLON noble metal contact slip rings and contact resistance are in the Milli-ohm level.
    5) The dynamic contact resistance of slip ring
    The dynamic contact resistance refers to that in slip ring working state, the resistance wave range between the access rotor and stator of slip ring. The influential factor is the same as contact resistance, at the same time, the rotation speed has greater influence on it. MOFLON deeply understands customers` needs, and many years of production and application experience makes us can hold the advantages and disadvantages of various materials and control the best balance point of contact resistance and service life. The dynamic contact resistance of our general products is in several tens of Milli-ohm. (Different types of products, slightly different)
    6) The life span of slip ring
    The life span of slip ring refers to the time from the slip ring starting to any ring failure of a slip ring. The life span influence factors of slip ring are as follows: the contact material type, contact pressure, contact body volume, working current, working environment, etc. MOFLON slip ring products are in the specification working environment, and the life span is 50,000,000 to 1 billion RPM.
    7) The rated rotation speed of slip ring
    The rated rotation speed of slip ring is affected by various factors, contact friction auxiliary type, reasonable structure, processing manufacture precision and assembly precision, etc. MOFLON slip ring conducts a full range of control from the material selection, structure determination, supplier quality control, and production assembly and testing, in order to make our products obtain the highest cost performance.
    8) The protective properties of slip ring
    According to different environment of customer actual use, it still has the needs of waterproof, explosion-proof and other aspects. Our product protection level can achieve IP68 at most and the explosion-proof slip rings can meet explosive gas environment and explosive dust environment at the same time. Currently it is the only manufacturer of slip ring that acquires anti-explosion certificate in the domestics.
    9) Other requirements
    In special environment, it still has anti-vibration, high temperature resistance, weather resistance and other aspects of the requirements. MOFLON has many mature solutions and application to meet customers` requirements.

    For the past 10 years, MOFLON always focused to improve the performance of industrial slip rings, including increasing the working life, making contact resistance lower, and so on, for many key parameters, MOFLON improved them and supplied perfect slip rings to worldwide.

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