What is the application of the electric slip ring?

Date: 2018-11-26 13:42:25

      The slip ring principle can improve the performance of the system, simplify the system structure, avoid the sprain caused by the wire during the rotation process, and is a precision power transmission device that realizes the image, data signal and power transmission between the two relative rotating mechanisms.

      The electric slip ring is composed of a brush, a conductive ring, an insulating material, a bonding material, a combined bracket, a precision bearing, a dust cover and other auxiliary parts.

      Slip ring principle This paper briefly introduces the structure and performance of the conductive ring and brush in the precision electric slip ring. It analyzes and compares the structure of the conductive ring and the brush material, and does not involve the discussion of the brush structure of the commutator such as motor. 1 Electric slip ring application and function radar, rate turntable, gyro instrument, inertial platform and other electronic devices often use conductive ring and brush matching sliding electrical contact device for power and signal transmission.

      In particular, military equipment requires high reliability and long service life of the electrical contact device, that is, the conductive ring and the brush material are required to have good electrical conductivity, resistance to electrical corrosion, resistance to environmental atmosphere corrosion, and abrasion resistance.

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MC400 series 24 wire slip ring
MHF208 series High Frequency/Coaxial/Waveguide Rotary Joints(optional+Electrical Slip Rings)
MFO108 series Fiber Optic Rotary Joints(optional+Electrical Slip Rings)

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