Understanding the Concept Behind Slip Rings

Date: 2018-12-27 16:06:20

      A slip ring is electro mechanical rotatory equipment that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals while achieving a rotation of 360 degrees with the help of a stator and a rotor. slip rings have brought about a change in the industrial structure of many countries. From adverse working conditions, it has become a healthy working condition in the industrial sectors.



The concept behind Slip Rings

      A slip ring is an electronic rotatory device that helps in the transmission of electrical and power signals while achieving a rotation of 360 degrees continuously. The slip ring assembly is made of two parts, a stationary part called the stator and a rotatory part called the rotor. The basic function of the electrical slip ring is that the electricity will flow through the stator and then be transferred to the rotor with the help of the contact brushes and establish the connection.



Workings and evolution of Slip rings

An electrical slip ring has many parts which facilitate the smooth workings and they are mentioned below.

      Brush contacts: The contact brushes that help in establishing a contact with the rotating part is made of carbon as carbon is a good conductor of electricity. But carbon is also brittle and breaks easily due to the constant friction and corrosion due to chemicals and creates dust and debris which might get stuck in the internal parts of the electrical slip rings and cause the system to be stuck and render it non-operational. To prevent these advanced fiber brushes are used as they are not prone to corrosion and can withstand the constant friction. Moreover, the carbon brushes cause a lot of internal vibration due to the generation of dust resulting in the dislocation of the internal parts and again damaging the production. All these risks are reduced by the use of the fiber brushes. The corrosion of the carbon brushes also causes the electrical noise and therefore the transmission of the signals is not precise and clear. This is also minimized by the help of fiber brushes.



      Conductive Rings: The next part of the slip ring assembly is the conductive rings. The rings generally make the rotor. The rings are made of highly conductive precious metals. They have a polished surface to reduce the force of friction. They are also fitted with grooves to help in keeping the contacts on the rings in case of vibration internal or external. Thus maintaining the continuity in the transmission.

      Insulation: lastly the insulation is also very important. They help in removing the possibility of a cross connection. The slip rings transmit a huge number of signals and all these signals are different from each other. These signals if got mixed will not allow the smooth functioning. So the insulation insulates the conductive rings and the individual brushes.

      Slip rings are evolving more day by day and they are becoming an integral part of the industries. Soon there will be a time when the slip rings will be an indispensable part of the domestic households too.

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