Functions of High Current Slip Ring and Hybrid Slip Ring

Date: 2018-12-27 16:05:13

      The high current and hybrid slip ring are the modern variations of slip ring which has eliminated the flaws of the orthodox slip ring. The initial lot of slip rings were quite useful only to a certain extent as such conductive rings were not designed to meet the requirements of modern equipment.

      The modern equipment required slip rings which could meet the need of high-speed rotational requirement. Along with meeting the rotational speed, the basic need of transmission of high-speed signals was also an important requisite.



The high-speed slip ring and the hybrid slip ring have their own set of advantages which accounts for a higher level of operational efficiency.

high current slip ring

      The high current slip ring, as mentioned earlier, falls in the category of the modern slip ring. Over time, such slip rings have gained immense popularity in terms of usage due to its effectiveness. It meets the basic functionality of transmitting signals at high speed along with matching up the rotational speed.

      The orthodox slip ring was not the most ideal device to meet such high-speed transmission as it breaks down in real with the amount of pressure being exerted on it. This is where the high-speed slip ring forms a formidable option as it could easily operate under such pressure.

      The high-speed slip rings bring down the chances of arcing to a bare minimum. It also is quite helpful in checking the level of friction during the operation of the electrical component.

      In a nutshell, it would not be wrong to state that such slip rings are used in top-end industrial equipment as a rotary electrical connector, as and when there is a need for transmission of high current signals.

Hybrid slip ring

      The hybrid slip ring is generally a combination of two or more slip ring brought into a single slip ring assembly unit. In most of the modern equipment, the need for transmission of the signal is not just confined to a single form. Most of this equipment requires transmission of two different types of signals.



      Generally, the hybrid slip ring is used to transmit both the data and electrical signals. Such a pattern of transmission is quite prevalent in CCTV equipment.

In various other instances, there is equipment which requires transmission of data and HD video signal as seen in the case of gaming equipment.



      The hybrid slip ring being the latest entrants into the list of modern slip ring has been discussed quite less. Thus, the user has not much information about the functionality of the hybrid slip ring or the kind of hybrid slip ring design that one needs to opt for.

      Choosing the right set of hybrid slip ring is as essential as choosing other forms of the slip ring. The usual slip rings assists in the transmission of type, while this is not the case with the hybrid slip ring.

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