Specific Slip Rings Used In Different Environmental Conditions

Date: 2019-01-07 16:15:17

      Not all kind of slip rings can be used in all environments. There are specific sets of slip rings used for specific conditions. The external environment factor is amongst the various determinants of the functioning of the slip ring.



      The orthodox set of slip ring is suitable to only to a certain kind of environmental conditions. They cannot operate properly under harsh conditions that include exceeding heat and humidity.


Military slip ring and environmental condition

      When we speak of environmental condition, we generally refer to the harshness of the same, based on which, a certain set of slip ring is chosen. This thought process is replicated in the military slip ring.

      The military slip rig is specially designed for tackling the harsh environmental condition, be it the heat or the humidity. This form of slip rings stabilizes the external and internal heat and brings an equilibrium in the thermal level.

Generation of heat

      In case of slip rings used in any equipment, the process of transmission of electrical and power signal initiate with the contact between the slip ring and brush. Now, the external source of heat is quite obvious. But how does the heat get generated in the internal system of the slip ring?



      The answer to the above question lies in the sliding contact mechanism between the ring and the brush. As the current is induced in the system, a certain level of friction comes as a by-product. Along with the high fictional level, a certain level of heat is generated accordingly. There is an increase in temperature, which hampers the functioning of the slip ring and the equipment at large.

      The environmental condition under which the slip ring operates is categorized as arid and semi-arid regions. Thus, there is the external source of heat but at the same time, the operational process of such slip ring induces a high level of internal friction, which in turn, increases the heat.

Oceanic conditions

      Apart from the heat, being a formidable environmental proponent, the oceanic conditions also pose a challenge to the functioning of the slip ring. Equipment used in naval ships and marine field work under an external condition, which is filled with moisture. Thus, the chances of corrosion of slip rings become natural.



      Though, with the development of slip ring technology, a specific set of marine slip rings have been introduced in the slip ring industry. Such slip rings are made up of high-quality materials that reduce corrosion and increases the life-span.


      There are various other slip rings that are used in such harsh environmental conditions. But in all such cases, the main issue is dealing with moisture and variation in heat level. Apart from the heat and the moisture, there are various other external factors that affect the functioning of the slip ring. But thanks to modern slip rings, such factor has been effectively dealt with.

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