An Insight into Pin Contact Slip Ring

Date: 2019-01-07 16:14:27

      There is a lot of discussion on the research and development of the material used in the slip ring and the construction of the slip ring assembly. The used of slip rings have given an edge to the production industry in terms of automation precision and continuity in production. The pin contact slip ring is a type of slip ring where the contact is made of a pin to make the connection. It is used in an application where the transmission space is small and the device requires a plug and play system.



Basic Difference

      The pin contact slip rings are made like any other slip ring; the only difference is that the contact brushes are replaced with pins. This arrangement is mercury free and is environment-friendly. The use mercury may sometimes prove to be hazardous in case of leakage. So, this arrangement is more preferred. They are very useful where the device requires a plug and play model. They are able to achieve high-frequency transmission with a 360 degrees rotation. This is especially useful of appliance used in households. They can even be used in the industrial application as the current carrying capacity of the slip rings is very high.



Usefulness and Advantages

      The slip rings have a very high usefulness as they can be used for plug and play as well as for the carrying large amount currently. This reason makes it useful and flexible for use in the household as well as in the industrial sector. Since the contacts used are made in the shape of a pin; there is a precise connection established and the current carrying capacity and conductivity are more as the contacts used are mostly made of precious metals. This allows for a precise and perfect transmission of the signals without the loss of data. The use of precious metals also reduces the wear of the contacts and of the conductive rings.

      The low wear is also facilitated by the polished surface of the conductive rings to allow smooth transmission and the minimized pressure of the pin contact on the rings with the help of the springs. This leads to a reduction in vibration of the parts of the slip rings and also leads to the dislocation of the parts of the arrangement. These lead to low electrical noise and low probability of the parts to be dislocated and be stuck hampering the production process.




      The cost of maintenance of the slip ring assy is very low as the dust and debris are less due to a reduction in corrosion and so the requirement of regular maintenance is low and in turn, the cost of maintenance and replacement of the parts is low. This ensures that the slip ring has a long service life

      The pin contact slip ring is a different category of the slip ring. They have come into the picture as a result of the progress of research and development in the field of slip rings. In the years to come, the slip rings may turn out to be a game-changing device for the production industry.

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