Application of Slip Ring in Bottling Plants

Date: 2019-01-08 16:01:12

      The wide range of application of slip ring is quite fascinating in the sense that just when we tend to form a notion that this the end slip ring application, we come across a new application. Here, we will be looking into the application of slip ring in bottling plants.



Generic overview on working of bottling plants

      In the modern industrial plants which are into the bottling of liquids, the entire operation is arranged in a carousel pattern where one step follows the other and so on. But the real deal in the entire operation is that each step which in turn leads to another has its specific set of requirements. The requirements mainly revolve around the transmission of data, current, liquid elements, and compressed air.

      The above-mentioned elements are needed to be transferred from the stationery to the rotating part. One of important aspect of modern industrial plants which are into a bottling of a liquid that makes the use of slip ring more pertinent is the network connection.

      The network connection here refers to the form of a connection where the kind of signal which is to be transmitted for a specific step is progressed through a digital network. The entire network operation is controlled using a central monitoring platform.

The crux of the entire digital connection


      The bottom line behind the entire operation which culminates to a higher efficiency is the transmission aspect. Also, there is no better electromechanical equipment than slip ring to transmit the signals, especially, the high-frequency data signal.

      As mentioned earlier, the operational process requires quick and reliable transmission of high-frequency data signals. Thus, in most of such plants, the high-frequency slip ring or the ethernet slip ring is used. In a nutshell, the basic prerequisite of high-speed digital networking is the transmission of different kind of data signals.



Need for transmission of signals other than data types

      The use of a slip ring in such plants is not limited to the transmission of data signals, the control mechanism system in such plants also require transmission of the electrical signal. Also, the slip ring is used to transmit liquid and gaseous mediums.


      To cater to such diverse requirements the slip ring manufacturer have developed various forms of new kind of slip rings. One such type of slip ring is the hybrid slip ring which is a combination of two different kinds of slip rings. Such hybrid slip rings are both priced higher than the usual slip rings and they are far more efficient.



      The combination of the electrical slip ring and ethernet slip ring is highly useful in such plants. Finding the reason as to why such combination works are not tough. The basic idea is that on one hand, the electrical slip ring provides the stable transmission of high load electric current. While on the other hand, the ethernet slip ring fulfills the requirement of transmission of high-frequency data signals.

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