How to install explosion-proof slip ring

    Each function of the explosion-proof slip ring is partly similar to conventional slip ring, therefore, the installation can refer to ordinary slip ring, meanwhile, the following sections require special attention:

    1 ) Environment conditions of the explosion-proof slip ring:
    Environment conditions of the explosion-proof slip ring must be consistent with the required environmental conditions of the slip ring, including the actual working environment conditions. Otherwise the proof structure can not ensure the safety of the working environment.

    2 ) Cable exit device processes of the explosion-proof slip ring :
    Cable exit device processes of the explosion-proof slip ring must meet the requirements of GB3836, Cable exit devices of the explosion-proof slip ring of MOFLON are use explosion-proof packing devices, and in strict accordance with the operation of explosion-proof packing devices . When using, the other end of the lead must use the cable exit device which can be adapted to the environment, access the corresponding explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof junction box and other devices .

    3 ) Cable protection of the explosion-proof slip ring :
    Cable exit device processes of the explosion-proof slip ring must be protected, and stay away from the position that possible crushing , entrapment or other potentially undermine of the cable epidermis may occurs . Also required to stay away from heat, corrosive environments, avoiding breakage of the explosion-proof slip ring which will cause short to the cable, grounding and other serious safety hazards.

    4 )Explosion-proof slip ring must be used to meet the requirements within the temperature range :
    Temperature of the explosion-proof slip ring depends on environmental requirements and self heating situations, and undergo a rigorous experimental testing . If it exceed the provided temperature of explosion-proof slip ring , may result in explosion-proof housing temperature exceeds the ignition temperature of the explosive armamentarium and leading to safety hazard , meanwhile��exceeding temperature may cause deformation to the inner structure of the slip ring , lightly affected the electrical properties, seriously result in slip ring completely damaged .

    5 ) Mounting of the explosion-proof slip ring :
    You must confirm whether the installation environment is explosive environment when mounting the explosion-proof slip ring, if it is determined to be an explosive environment, you must use explosion-proof tool to install, and gently , so as not to produce sparks, and must ensure that it is power-off operation , and absolutely not to be charged operations.

    6 ) Testing after the installation of the explosion-proof slip ring :
    After installing the explosion-proof slip ring and before power testing, you must reconfirm that the order of the wire is correct and wiring devices is reliable, corresponding fasteners have been tightened. You must ensure that the cable exit device is in normal working condition before energizing , explosion-proof junction box is closed and locked , it is strictly forbid that the junction box cover is not stamped before testing.

    7 ) Work status monitoring after the installation of the explosion-proof slip ring :
    After testing the explosion-proof slip ring, if trip and other issues occur, before the problem is resolved, never try second testing. After successful test, record the temperature of the slip ring housing and the cable within 2 hours, and confirm it whether beyond the requirements until its temperature is in stability state.
    You must read the product specifications before installing the explosion-proof slip ring, ensure that the installation is correct and in compliance with the above issues , in order to avoid safety problems .

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