High-frequency Slip Ring - The Ideal Modern Slip Ring

Date: 2019-01-14 13:56:53

      In the wake of technological advances, the needs for advanced slip ring becomes a mandate. The list of devices that are coming up is more sophisticated than ever before. Having said, the advances in the device must go in sync with the advances in slip ring. It is the way to move forward because the conventional slip ring operational efficiency goes for a toss when it is fitted with any modern machinery. They have come with the latest design cue and a separate set of requirements. Also. the chosen slip ring must fit the design requirement of the device at hand.



      The list of modern slip rings is ever-growing which has a lot to do with stern design parameters under which the modern machinery operate. Also, the research and development also have an impact on the development of modern slip rings. The slip ring manufacturer analyses the data gathered by the research team and bring out the solution for the operational deficiency with the introduction of a new kind of slip ring. This is how the entire development of slip ring works.


      One of the important slip rings introduced in the long list is the high-frequency slip ring. They are essentially the outcome of various slip ring manufacturer coming together to solve the problem related to transmitting high-frequency data and power signal along with maintaining the integrity of the signal quality.


The formation of the high-frequency slip ring


      The reason due to which high-frequency slip rings are primarily considered to be an outcome to modern slip ring technology application is the fact that it is a hybrid slip ring. Now, by hybrid we mean that is a combination of two different kinds of slip ring electric slip ring and rotating joints which are used for transmitting signals.



      The reason why two slip rings are combined to form a single slip ring is that there are certain slip rings, which not only transmit regular power and electric signal they also transmit high-frequency data signals. This kind of equipment includes the ones used extensively in fields like defense, radar, communication, and medical engineering.


      The major advantage of using such kind of slip ring is that the transmission of the types of signals is independent of each other. For example, the transmission of electric power is not hindered by the interference of the transmission of data signals and vice-versa.



      The high-frequency slip rings are made up of precious metals which prevents it from corrosion and at the same time, it prevents dust accumulation, which is often the case with the defense which operates under harsh conditions. The most important advantage of using such a slip ring is that it prevents arcing and high level of the cross as both of these can cause the entire slip ring unit to be changed. Also, the rotational motion is not hindered during the transmission of signals which is the main reason behind the low level of operational efficiency.

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