Orthodox Slip Rings Vs Modern Slip Rings

Date: 2019-01-14 13:55:53

      The Modern slip-rings or wireless slip-rings are the real deal as compared to conventional sip ring. The reason for the orthodox slip ring getting obsolete is the technological upgradation in equipment, thus tom match up the dynamics of the modern industrial equipment the slip ring manufacturer had to include a new stream of modern slip rings with advanced slip ring technology. There are different aspects both the slip rings which is being discussed here at length beginning with the traditional sip ring



Important aspects of the traditional slip ring

      In case of conventional or orthodox slip ring the wear of the slip-ring brush is caused because of high linear force and velocity and short life, so they are mounted on the shaft of the motor rotor. Now, since the cables of axis elicit via the center of the rotor, so needs a big diameter and a through hole. And the diameter increases greatly as the slip-ring diameter restricts the rotor shaft. There is a linear velocity in the arrangement of the brush and slip-rings and the life of the arrangement is inversely proportional to linear velocity. So the life of the arrangement is lower than the standard index.

      Also, the traditional slip-ring and brush arrangement has difficulties in heat dissipation when the slip-ring temperature on the surface rises more than 80 degrees the abrasion increases and further lowers the reliability of the slip-rings. The brush wear will produce a lot of carbon powder and scatter in the insulation phase between the rings and short circuit or damage the circuit and completely damage the system.



      The traditional slip-ring are also known as carbon brush slip-ring, they can be mounted at the end of the rotor shaft. The arrangement of the slip-rings is actually a beam-like structure which has support only on one side. Therefore, while operating the slip-ring will inevitably cause radial vibration due to centrifugal and unbalanced movements, mostly while starting up and while speed running. The frequency of the vibration of the slip-ring is very high and the pressure springs on the brush will not work at all, causing poor contact of the brush and the slip-rings which will result in serious abrasion of the slip-ring surface and the brush is also damaged as well.



Modern slip rings and its contradictions

      The wireless slip-rings or modern slip-rings which include electric slip ring or mercury contact slip ring do not use or rely on the traditional friction-based carbon brush and metal ring contact method employed since the time of the invention of slip-rings. Instead, they transfer data and power over wireless medium with the help of a magnetic field, created by the coils placed in the rotating receiver and stationary transmitter. Wireless slip-rings can be called an upgrade or an alternative to the old and traditional slip-ring arrangements. Wireless slip-rings lack mechanical parts which rotate so are more resilient to harsh operating environments and need less upkeep and maintenance.

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