What is the Function of Moog Slip Ring in the Advanced Electrical Machines?

Date: 2018-08-17 08:10:35

      In every equipment, the stator body is kept separate from the rotor body. During its operation, it needs to revolve the stationary part and exactly for this purpose the moog slip ring is used as it circulates the fixed structure. The slip ring is a bridge between the rotating structure and the stationary body.


      The machines cannot work without the motion of the stator part. Hence, the slip ring helps to connect the rotating shaft with the stationary structure and supplies the current and signal from the rotor to the stator.

moog slip ring


      The modern equipment has to perform the various difficult task in the process of production. It needs a high speed and voltage. It transforms the mechanical energy into a number of energy and signals.


      When the speed and current peaks up the moog slip ring functions far better. During this time it can give the desired result. It helps to perform a difficult task in a smooth manner. The slip ring can operate regularly in 360-degree and keeps providing the data signal and power to the technologically advanced electrical machines.


      In the medical equipment, the slip ring is used for CT scan which helps to track the images. It assists in operating the shadowless lamps that are used in the operation theatre. The slip ring helps to rotate the lamps and to detect the cavities or tiny particles in the body of a patient. It also helps in the AIDS treatment. Here the slip ring plays an important role in detecting the disease and improves the operating system of the treatment equipment.


Fibre optic slip ring

      In this modern age, all the necessary information sent through the fiber optic lines, cable wires and radio waves. Transmitting the information through the radio waves is not much trustworthy as it is susceptible to lose out on transmitting information.


      The other two options for the transmission of information are reliable and is widely accepted. Although, the fiber optics has more advantages than the cable lines. Both differ in terms of price, transmission procedure and working condition.


      The fiber optic slip ring has made it possible to improve the performance of the fiber optic lines as it has now become more sophisticated. Due to this improvement, the volume of production has also increased.


      The cost of the fiber slip ring has lowered from the previous years. On the other hand, the cost of the copper is rising day-to-day. The cable lines use copper plating on the wires. Naturally, the price of the cable lines is more than the fiber models.


     Considering the transmission of power and signal, the copper cannot work when the temperature increases. At that time it can hamper the normal functioning of the machine. While the fiber optic lines can work even in the harsh environment. So, comparing the two, the fiber optic slip ring material is advantageous than the copper plated cable lines.


Pneumatic slip ring

      In the age of industry, the modern machines required the high voltage of current and signal transmission. In such cases, the pneumatic slip ring generates the necessary power and data signal. It helps to rotate the rotary body which in turn sends the electrical energy to the stationary structure. In this process, the stator starts to revolve and makes to operate the heavy and large industrial machines. The machines work for an unlimited time and keep producing a large number of goods to sustain the growing demand.

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