Factors Determining The Cost Of A Slip Ring

Date: 2018-10-12 19:05:23

      The extensive use of slip ring is something that is akin to any other universal fact. There are various companies which use equipment that cannot function without the inclusion of a slip ring. The list of industries are endless, it ranges from the packaging industry to the likes of core industrial process where heavy machinery are used to get the desired quantity of output keeping the quality intact.


      The use of slip ring depends the kind of equipment which is needed to be dealt with this is to highlight the fact that the size slip ring differs as per the equipment they are considered to be a part of. The slip ring is used as an integral component in the field of the wind turbine, radar equipment or even for that matter on a medical equipment.

      Having familiarized with universal use of slip ring at some in time, we all have a question regarding how much does a part as important as slip ring cost? And how these are cost ascertained in its absolute figures?


Below is the list of factors that determines the cost of a slip ring

The cost of a slip is arrived at after taking into account various conditions such as size, technological upgrades, and Quantity.


1. Size of the slip ring

      The size of the slip ring is an important factor that determines the price of a slip ring. The choice of which in turn depends on the kinds of equipment it will be placed into. For an instance, if the slip ring will be applied in a heavy machinery, then naturally the size of slip ring which will be put into use will be larger and carry more weight. Hence, the price of such a slip ring will be higher. Having said that, this is not always the case as the smaller innovative may cost a higher amount when compared to other smaller size slip rings.


2. Technological sophistication

      Of late, the factor which is the cause of price of slip ring shooting up is technological sophistication. It is quite simply the more advanced slip ring technology put into use in the designing the ring, the price of the slip ring will rise accordingly. One of the prime examples of such kind of slip ring is the ethernet slip ring and another kind of contactless slip ring also come under the category of the conductive ring, which is based on the modern technology, so naturally, the price of such slip rings are going to be high.


3. Quantity

      One of the external factors that might determine the overall price of the slip ring is the quantity of the same you have ordered. Now, the term overall was used purposefully just to highlight the fact that its overall price of the quantity of slip ring on which the discount will be given. Hence, it is the overall price that will change while this does not hold true in all cases and in cases of paltry orders.

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