Wireless Power Slip Rings

360°continuous rotation at Unlimited RPM

High availability, high efficiency wireless power slip ring, capable of supplying power to rotating, highly mobile industrial equipment. The Wireless slip ring is a serious alternative to mechanical slip rings currently available on the market and a real engineering solution for customers who have avoided the use of mechanical slip rings to date due to their poor performance and high maintenance costs.

Wherever high-value, mission critical solutions require power and data to be transferred across a rotating joint, we can replace an existing slip ring with our wireless power slip ring.


360°continuous rotation
Unlimited RPM
Lubrication and cooling not required
Increase up time and reliability
Reduced total cost of ownership
Plug and play retro-fit system
Integrated wireless data supporting most Industrial protocols including CAN-Bus
(J1939), RS485, RS422, Ethernet, PLC (4-20mA)

Wire less slip rings Wire less slip rings

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