Making Complex Automation Simpler Through Inductive Coupling

Date: 2018-10-17 20:18:31

      The term inductive coupling is not something fresh and new. It has been explored by various engineers, but certainly not at great depths. Having said that, we have used the so-called conductive principle in every possible field. For an instance, with the application of inductive principle technique, we now can charge our tablets and cell phones using the same recharge pad that uses the same technology at the end of the day.

      A few decades ago, the concept of inductive coupling was not as prevalent as it is now. For a matter of fact, it was inactive largely due to complexities of automation technology that was brought in with the use of hardwired and mechanical components. But slowly with technology taking the driver's seat, we have started witnessing the more pronounced use of inductive coupling.

Application of inductive coupling

      In the field of industrial automation, the use of inductive coupling is more prominent. For an instance, the use of inductive sensor is most prolific in ascertaining the proximity of several metal objects right from machine parts to the food cans.


      In most cases, non-contact connectors and inductive coupling are used simultaneously. It based on the functioning of magnetic induction which proliferates the transmission of data and power over a considerable length of air gaps. It does remind of the slip ring, but unlike slip ring which transmits the electric current through the entire system, the inductive transfer is more of a short-range wireless data transmission technology which also enables transfer of data signals.


Inductive coupling vs slip ring

      The use of inductive coupling in various is quite a given fact. But one of the things that go unnoticed about the inductive coupling is the similarity in its functioning process with the slip rings. Another interesting fact is that they both are the application of the same technology which is used in motor starters.


      Slip rings are commonly referred to as the rotary connectors ad they are quite often used in that equipment which has one of the parts fixed or stationary while the other part is rotating. In fact, the slip ring is used to transmit data and electrical signals from the rotating to the stationary structure.


      The application of slip ring technology is quite commonly used in turntable or indexing table where the stationary part of the indexing table require a continuous flow of data and an electrical signal. At the same time, the table continues to be in the state of motion in complete 360 degrees. Hence, the generally applied cable solution is not applicable and here, we need to employ the slip ring.


      There are situations where inductive coupling has an upper hand rotary slip ring or conventional slip ring. As the slip rings are essentially electromechanical devices they tend to wear out at a considerable rate. Also, such depletion of the slip ring quality due to the wear and tear remains unnoticed until the rotary table operation shuts down. Thus, the inductive coupling with non-contact nature the base of the couplers can be mounted to the table base. This eliminates the problems related to mechanical parts like wearing. Thus, one should not be surprised that inductive coupling can also be advantageous at times. Having said that, one should not discount the use of slip rings, especially, with the rate of advances that are taking place in the present day and age.

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