Slip Ring - Small Component And Big Impact

Date: 2018-10-18 19:30:01

      The functioning of any kind of equipment deals with the design cue of the system, which determines the types of components that are to be fitted. The range of smaller parts that are to be included in any equipment seems endless at times, for an instance say wind turbines, it requires thousands of components to be added. However, the entire focus might be on a few crucial parts. But at the same time, smaller components are as decisive in enhancing the performance of the device as the fewer major components like blade and motor, as seen in case of the wind turbine.

      Just to elucidate the above point we can take the example of a slip ring assembly or a rotary union. On the surface, they might seem to be not that important as several other bigger components fitted in the turbine. But at the same time, if any of these smaller resembling components falter at any given stage, the entire turbine shuts down.

      On the surface, even though the slip rings seem to be smaller in size and occupy less space in any equipment their importance cannot be undermined. In fact, the users must run a check in terms of design standards that are to be complied with and give into customization, if required. While in the case of wind turbines the slip ring is a most crucial element which needs to be taken care of.


Factors that affecting the functioning of wind turbines


1.Maintenance frequency


      The maintenance frequency highly affects the overall performance of the wind. For context, if you go ahead changing the brushes after every 50 million revolutions then the chances are high that you will be part of an endless loop of maintenance, which in turn will cost you more money. Thus, the cost efficiency aspect of the wind turbine is taken out of the equation.


      Having discussed the downside of regular maintenance needs, various manufacturers have come up with slip rings that incorporate the advanced slip ring technology which makes the brush potent enough to last up to 200 million revolutions before the need for changing the brush arises.


      The modern brushes are made up of silver and copper graphite. The are various advantages of such material which includes high rotational, optimal utilization of power and it reduces the rate at which brushes wear out, which add the element of prolonged lifespan.


2. Downtime


      The element of downtime is the most crucial element for any given equipment. There are two facets to it, firstly. With reduced downtime, the productivity numbers increase and secondly, with an increase in output the profit figures too increases.


      The modern slip ring design provides a situation where the faults can be dealt with by just changing a single brush. While earlier in the case of orthodox slip rings, the entire set of brushes needs to be changed, which requires a lot of time and labor and most importantly, it requires more money. Thus, something as trivial as brushes can impact the overall performance of the entire equipment.

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