An Insight Into Wind Turbine System

Date: 2018-10-20 15:44:48

      The over-reliance on a non-renewable source of energy is something that needs to be dealt with and immediately. There is no denying the fact that If this continues for a prolonged period of time then we are going to put ourselves in quite a grave situation. However, it is not as if we are just holding back and not trying to find a way out. Both in the past and in the present, governments are investing in a huge sum of money for finding newer ways to harness the renewable source of energy. The results of the effort, time and money put into developing a renewable source of energy have given us some really effective way to harness wind energy through the wind turbines. However, the need for uncovering other sources of energy is quite evident seeing the situation, but as of now let us just understand the wind turbine system.


Understanding Wind turbine system

      The principle which the wind turbine operates is quite simple and methodical as the energy is produced step by step, before finally being converted into a usable form. The wind turbines include following components without which the process cannot operate - gearbox, generator, slip ring, and carbon brush holder. As far as the slip ring goes, the slip manufacturers have come with special kind of wind turbine slip ring, which is a crucial addition to the long list of a variety of slip ring.

      The process begins with the winds inducing motion in the blades of the turbine, which in turn causes rotation of the slow-moving crankshaft. The use of gearbox comes in at this point of time as after the shaft put in the motion, it is the gearbox which amplifies the rotational motion of the shaft. The induced high-velocity motion is then transferred to the generator which further rotates at a higher speed. The generator then produces power which is applied to the slip ring, the power is further is drawn out form the slip ring using a carbon brush which is attached closer to the slip ring external surface using a carbon brush holder. Finally, the power generated is transferred to the grid.


Essential elements that affect the functioning of a wind turbine

      There are certain factors which either directly or indirectly impacts the effectiveness of wind turbines. The crucial factor here is the operating time, as very rarely there is a continuous flow of steady wind, so the turbine operators have to make that extra effort to keep the turbines rotating for a longer period of time in the phase of steady winds.


      Now, getting the act together for achieving the continuity in rotation of wind turbines is easier said than done. The efforts of the turbine operator would go in vain if the components are not of excellent quality, especially, the conductive ring must be made on the lines of latest slip ring technology. On a side note, the faulty components can be replaced, but it is not that simple as most of the components of the turbines are clustered at the top.

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