A Comparison Between Copper And Silver Carbon Brush

Date: 2018-10-27 15:29:27

      The cohesiveness of the conductive ring and the carbon brush positively impacts the functioning of a slip ring. Generally, the user has an ingrained line of thought regarding the use of carbon brushes, especially, with the respect to those made of copper. Having said that most of the user are unaware of the advantages of using a carbon brush made up of silver, which is quite natural. The reason for the popularity of carbon brushes made up of copper arises out of the fact that for a long time all new innovation which has been fruitful included the use of copper-based carbon brush, plain and simple.

Use of carbon brush in wind turbine slip ring

      The use of brushes made of silver was quite prominent, say a few decades ago, but with changing times the advantage copper brushes came to reckoning among the users and they started opted for slip ring unit with copper-based carbon brush. The increase in demands for carbon brushes made of copper suggests the same. The shift was not just about in hundreds for a fact if we believe various slip ring manufacturer the variation in the number of units demanded was nearly in thousands. The reason for this shift can be attributed to two of the factors. Firstly, the use of a copper alternative reduces cost in relation to maintenance and secondly, it is just about the plain fact that carbon brush made of copper itself presents themselves as a cheaper alternative.

Can the silver carbon brushes be completely discounted

      The trends have changed in terms of prominent use of carbon brush based on copper. But having said that. One of the important things to note here is that the use of silver-based carbon has been used for years and suddenly they cannot be discounted, especially, in the wind energy sector. As we look into the other side of the coin the use of silver-based carbon brush helps to provide an uninterrupted energy flow in the generators which are fitted in wind turbines. They operate in unison with the slip ring and brush holder. Such type of carbon brushes helps to protect the different parts of the equipment from the parasitic current and lightning. Further, the silver carbon brush can be customized to operate at its peak under varying levels of humidity be it low or high as and when the need arises according to the situation.

Making the choice

      In all probability, the user will look to opt for the copper-based carbon brush when they come to terms with the fact that they are a cheaper alternative. But making the choice is not as simple as simple and plain as it looks on the surface there are several factors which needs to be taken into consideration before going for either one of them. The most important factor that determines the choice is the long-term viability of the choice and to large. It also depends on the potential of the chosen material to maintain the balance between the efficiency and the minimal cost.

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