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Prospects for the field of high-definition video fiber optic slip ring

With the increasingly high demand for the clarity of high-definition video, and the increasingly high requirements for the bandwidth at the time of data transmission, in these transmission channels, the rotary joint portion is a bottleneck, how to guarantee the data can be transferred fast without delay, without distortion, without packet loss in the case of 360 degree unrestricted rotation, it is a very challenging project in the slip ring design industry. Now the world HD PTZ, HD surveillance and the HD high dribbling industry, uses two types of programs to address the issue of high-definition data transmission, the first is the high-frequency slip ring, second is the fiber optic slip ring, such programs have their own advantages and disadvantages of each, today we mainly introduce fiber optic slip ring prospects in the field of high-definition video.

The next article we may introduce high frequency slip ring`s market prospects in the HD slip ring field. FORJ as a important part of rotating optical access in the field of high-definition video, the main advantage is that the bandwidth is unlimited. Data transferred without delay, large data capacity, and high accuracy. On the speed of rotation, essentially no limitation, and can reach to more than a few thousand per minute. Suitable for high-end military video surveillance field, but his shortcomings is obvious, such as the high cost. Due to high precision, engage in impact is rather poor. In common areas, large-scale application of fiber optic rotary joints is also very obvious faults, video surveillance equipment with the Tongzhou cable transmission must to plus optical in the front and end when using the fiber optic slip ring. From either the volume or the cost is a large burden. Therefore, in practical application, fiber optic slip rings just as experimental samples, as well as small-scale applications, has not yet reached to implement large-scale in the high-definition video surveillance high-speed ball field, then how can we make the fiber optic slip rings to the promotion of large-scale applications in the field of high-definition video, mainly to resolve the manufacturing cost and debugging cost of the fiber optic slip ring.

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