Use of Slip Ring in Defense Field

Date: 2018-11-03 09:20:44

      A slip ring can be used as both simple as well as complex mechanical devices. Speaking about the simple ones, its usage in rotating CCTV cameras come to the fore. However, certain large machinery like wind turbines calls for a more complex form of any electrical slip ring.

      And since the usage of slip rings are very high for most of the machinery, slip ring suppliers have managed to come up with a very complex form of devices that can handle the complexities of modern-day vehicles used by the military. These vehicles demand for a more reliable equipment that can transfer power and signals from one part (rotor) to the other (stator) or vice versa.

Application of slip rings in defense

Some of the most common application of slip rings is on commando vehicles, lightly armed vehicles and M60 tanks.


      Apart from these, slip rings are used in many other segments of the defense field. As for an example, the high technological development in the slip rings industry has seen them being used in a system for stabilized guns, fire control systems and laser target acquisition. Apart from these weaponized approaches, the requirement for the communication of high bandwidth data has also seen slip ring technology being adopted rapidly.


Designing of slip rings in the defense field

      The slip rings that are designed for the defense systems have a different approach to the designing. The internal design mechanism of slip ring capsules will work by the requirements of the slip rings and the available space for the mounting of the slip rings' capsule.


There are also certain design patterns that most of the defense slip rings have adopted. They are:


.Single drum setup

.Both single and stacked pancake setup

.Usage of concentric drums

.The combination of designs

.Connectors mounted and attached via cables

.And through mechanical support on the sides of the rotating mechanism


Here are some things you need to know about

Power circuits

      On paper, there isn't any limit to the power which can be transmitted with the usage of slip ring capsules. Most of the slip rings assemble in this field are very much capable of transmitting up to 150 amperes of power on a continuous basis.


      However, it becomes indispensable to define the power duty cycle (surge currents included) precisely at the early design stage only. If the available space of the capsule is limited, it is good enough to transmit power at high voltage and low current.


Signal circuits

      Any defense vehicle slip ring capsule is very high in demand. The requirement for electric isolation has a very significant impact on how the slip ring capsule is to be designed. If you look at any conventional slip ring for defense vehicle, you will find that the circuit includes video circuits, electronic equipment and digital and analog control circuits.


      However, at times, it becomes very important to add another isolation to the system in order to meet the higher sensitivity requirement. This requirement of the isolation can be easily addressed right at the designing stage.

Reference Parts# of Slip Rings as below:
MMC118 series Miniature Slip Rings
MT1256F series Through Bore Slip Ring
MT3899 series Rotating Slip Ring | Electrical Rotating Connector
MFO600A series Fiber Optic Rotary Joints(optional+Electrical Slip Rings)
MSE2025 series - Servo Encoder Slip Rings
MW3086 series Amp Slip Ring | Power Slip Rings

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