MC Series
OD 22mm ~ 25mm, 6~56 rings
MC-Capsule Slip Rings
  • • Capsule slip rings is economical, compact slip rings family allows tremendous flexibility in dealing with systems size requirements when larger versions are not an option. Capsules with up to 56 contacts are available.
  • • Special designed for CCTV or small rotating system, OD 22~25mm and Special fit for middle/small rotating system of transmitting low controlling signal.
  • • Standard, off-the-shelf,no through bore
  • • Circuits combination is available (sucn as video, control , sensor, power, Ethernet and so on)
  • • Uses gold-on-gold contacts to ensure long life, low noise, minimal interference between circuits, and low contact resistance
  • • Support video, control,sensor,power, ethernet signals
Part# Product Length(mm)OD(mm)Circuits(rings)Current(A)Voltage(VDC/VAC) Details
19221~62A220 VIEW>>
26221~122A220 VIEW>>
33221~182A220 VIEW>>
43.6221~242A220 VIEW>>
57.3221~362A220 VIEW>>
85.7251~562A220 VIEW>>

What is capsule slip rings?

Capsule slip rings are ideal for applications in which signals and/or power must be transmitted and where a compact footprint and low cost are important. They combine small size and high performance, making them ideal for video transmission and other challenging, space-critical applications

our capsule slip rings are available in a range of standard diameters, from 22 mm to 25 mm, and with circuit counts from two to 56 circuits as standard, with low current signal circuits, high current power circuits, and numerous combinations of the two.

Capsule slip rings uses gold-on-gold contacts to ensure long life, low noise, minimal interference between circuits, and low contact resistance. This makes capsule slip rings perfect for transmitting video signals in CCTV applications. By utilizing small-diameter rotors, surface speeds are minimized; this, in turn, minimizes imbalance, reduces operating temperatures, and further extends the unit's working life.

Havn't find standard size of capsule slip ring to fit my application?

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