Slip Rings Used In Radar Antenna

Date: 2018-11-10 10:12:24

      Radar and antenna are used of the detection of the objectives by the help of radiating and receiving the electromagnetic waves. There are three types of radar as per the purpose of its operation, ground radar antenna, shipborne radar antenna, and meteorological radar antenna. In the operation of the equipment, the electrical connectors and the slip rings play a very important part as they are involved in the continuous and efficient transmission of the various electrical and data signals to the stationary part from the rotating part of the device. The high amount of precision and continuity is required in this type of transmission system.


      The slip ring used in the radar has a high transmitting frequency as the mapping of the objects requires continuous and frequent data transfer. The radars transmit large capacity of current in a 360-degree rotation. The radar antennas are generally employed outdoors so need to be waterproof pressure proof and able to withstand harsh weather conditions and vibrations. These are made possible by the application of slip ring technology.

Less Vibration and corrosion

      As the slip rings are an integral part of the radar system the slip rings also need to be proof pressure proof and able to withstand harsh weather conditions and vibrations. This achieved by insulating the parts of the slip ring arrangement with the high-quality insulating material, reducing the vibration by reducing the force of friction of the brushes on the conductive rings and using the precious metal brushes so as to ensure the efficient transmission of the signals without the wear of the brushes. As there is less wear of the brushes the corrosion of the surface if the rings will be less and so will the vibration of the different parts of the slip ring arrangement.



      Furthermore the slip rings are sealed inside the housing of the slip ring this ensures that no dust or debris from the environment can enter into the internal parts of the slip rings, as this may cause the slip ring to be stuck hampering the transmission or the corrosion of the rings and the brushes due to friction or acidic reaction. This makes the rings to be displaced and causes vibrations and in the worst cases breakdown.

      These slip ring solutions are cost-effective as they have a long service life. They are compact and can be used in devices where space is a constraint. They offer efficient connectivity without the loss of data in transmission. They also have a reliable performance. For these reasons, they are used in radar equipment.

      Since the slip rings are very durable and require low maintenance they are more extensively used in many industries. The use of these rotary joints in the radar equipment is possible for the advantages that it provides of being able to operate in adverse climatic conditions and corrosion free. The slip ring manufacturer is investing more and more in the research and development of the slip rings to find a more efficient solution to the slip rings and making it more cost-effective as a solution.

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