Usage of Slip Rings In Facilitating VR Devices

Date: 2018-11-12 15:19:36

      VR or Virtual Reality is used to produce a three-dimensional virtual world with the help of a computer. It provides the user with a high sensory simulation of touch, vision and hearing. This provides the users with the feeling of being in a different world feeling and observing everything in the three-dimensional virtual reality space and time. This simulation of the VR is provided with the help of wireless technology and slip rings.



      In order to transmit data at a very high speed ensuring completeness and rapidity with 360 degrees of rotation the slip rings are used. The rotary slip ring is capable of transmitting various electrical and data signals simultaneously making the slip ring useful for the process of transmission. The loss of data is also minimized by the use of slip rings. The integration of different signal transmission through the circuit amplifies the experience of the user as the continuity of the VR is maintained.




      The slip ring used in the transmission of the signals are made of polished conductive ring surface and special fibre brushes or precious metal brushes. They help to provide precise transmission of the data without loss. The concentric conductive rings and the brushes are also insulated from each other with the help of insulating material. This helps in reducing the interference of the signals with each other and increases the efficiency of the arrangement. They also help in reducing the cross-connection a maintaining the continuity of the transmission of data. The slip ring arrangement is compact in size allowing its usage in minute devices which require a high amount of precision in transmission.

      They are also customizable making them more useful and available for use by the user as per the requirements. They have a very low maintenance cost. The insulation and the structure is made in such as way so that the external factors do not harm the internal parts of the arrangement. The dust and liquid from the outside are cannot get onto the internals of the slip rings as they are sealed inside their casing. So, the corrosion due to the environmental factors are reduced and the corrosion due to the internal factors are reduced by the use of precious metal or special fibre brushes; as well as the pressure of the contact brushes on the ring surface is reduced by the help of the spring. This, in turn, reduces the requirement of lubrication and maintenance. and in the long run, the service life of the slip rings is increased.

      The slip ring technology used in Virtual Reality Devices is evolving to give a better experience to users. An extensive research is being conducted by the industry to provide better utility to users. The VR is a part of the entertainment sector where slip rings have already proved their usefulness in many devices from display equipment to the giant wheel. Slip rings have become an important part of the industry.

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