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what is mechanical data for slip rings?

The mechanical data of slip ring is very important when you design or develop a new equipments,as we know,a slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and ... intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power and / or data,There are also many different styles for the same slip ring products, so we need to choose the accessories according to the size of productsoperating environment For choosing one product,firstly we should learn about their basic function,specfication and so on.
Basic features, parameters and functions are quite necessary to choose one product. The same products can classify into different model and specification,so we need to choose proper accessories according to the size of products and operating environment according to different types and different specifications, Especially for slip ring,it may can`t be installation or lead to security accidents if disregard the models and specifications. thus, choosing a appropriate slip ring is priority.So what problems we should notice about parameters and features except model and revolution speed which was mentioned before.

it`s same meaning for insulation resistance and withstand voltage strength, they are described from utmost working environment in different side,the more high the insulate resistance is, the more expensive for slip rings for high current slip rings,insulation resistance and withstand voltage strength must be proper,but there is not necessary consider parameters for signal transmission, Insulation resistance units are MO, standard is 1000M, the unit`s crushing strength is FUTE, general is about 1000v.

every slip ring has there own fixed circuits, semaphore was decided before designed What`s more, 2 additional circuits was must reserved in case of equipment upgrade, renovation or final extensional needs.the parameter of standard current is unuseful for the type of signal transmission,but for those slip rings which transmit current signals are pretty important.on the other hand,choosing high current slip ring will increase costs,because design big current is difficult and complex, in this case, slip rings can`t be produced when volumes and circuits are confirmedif choosing small current, the slip rings may be punctured, burned under the long-term operation,so choosing a slip ring in term of products is best choice for customers.
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what is mechanical data for slip rings?

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