The Importance of Slip Rings In The Packaging Industry

Date: 2018-11-16 14:51:48

      The slip ring technology is one of the most developing and widely prevalent one in the technical fields. The function of slip rings is significant in almost every field, starting from wind turbines, military vehicles to the packaging industry.

      Yes, the electric slip ring technology has been adopted by the packaging industry as well and the same has served as a high standard component in the machinery. If we elaborate things, the packaging industry includes the processing of carton boards and also the bulk packaging of cement bags. And it is in this industry that slip rings, which are known as collector rings too, are found to be versatile.


      The technology of the slip rings in the packaging industry was first introduced over 30 years back. And due to the qualities of these components to transmit power and data signals even with unlimited rotations, is what proved to be very advantageous.

Importance of slip rings in the packaging industry

      In general, a slip ring has a stationed (non-moving) graphite which might even be made of a metal or brush. This part stays in contact with an outer diameter which is mostly a metal ring. This part is called the slip ring rotor. Hence, it is this contact that enables the passing of the electric power or data, that is, from the brush or graphite to the rotating ring.

      The usage of these slip rings in the machineries from the industry has helped tremendous improvement in the performance and also in the simplification of the process. It has also managed to get rid of the issues which resulted in a damage-free setup, which were not otherwise possible with the wired setup on the moving joint.

Benefits of slip rings in the industry

      The importance of the slip ring technology in the packaging industry is immense and the manufacturer has profited tremendously. The machine operators enjoy a lot of benefits of this component, albeit in a much larger application spectrum.


      It is used in machineries like winders and rewinders that are used for the lamination of the boards of the carton. In such types of machinery, slip rings transmit the power and also the encoder signals. Apart from these, there are winders and power cutters too that are used in the production.

      Having said that, even the process which involves the sealing with heat is driven by the use of slip rings. Hence, all of this makes the use of slip rings in the packaging industry very versatile. However, just like in most other cases, their high significance means that the specifications and their maintenance are absolutely critical.


      The decision about which type of slip rings would be needed for the setup is classified by many factors. This includes the speed of operation, the total current and the voltage of the entire system, the space available to make the setup also the presence of its mediums like air, oil or water. These components are mostly made up of brass or copper and have a coating of silver, golden or even rhodium.

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