The importance of quality control in slip ring production

    Quality is the life of the enterprise, quality not only on behalf of the company`s technology strength, can more reflect the company`s management level. Quality management from the material inspection to the process inspection to the finished product inspection and to the last shipment inspection, to strive to realize the products in the hands of customers a 100% qualified. However, the reality of the process is very difficult to achieve, like the slip ring production is the same.

    Personnel changes led to a non-standard way of operating, the negligence of the personnel in the operation, the exception of machinery and equipment, the bad incoming material, and the environmental factors` adverse impact on the production will affect the final quality of the product. Therefore, the quality of management requires not only careful, serious work of the employees, in strict accordance with the job specifications, but also requires the quality management personnel has a highly responsible attitude to work, on a matter of principle to stick to their stance, and must be good at communication with the relevant departments of the staff. Quality related to a company`s future development, if a company`s quality has no guarantee, then not to mention development. So the quality problem had caused a high degree of attention. Demand for slip ring`s quality is stricter. The slip ring is a high-precision, very complex wiring connector, it`s quality problems, ranging from lead to system shutdown, to cause the system to short circuit. Usually its parts and components require for the precision of a silk tolerance. Since the slip ring is a component of continuous operation, if the deviation is too large, it will accelerate the wear of its internal structure, which affects the life of the product, may also lead to the stability in the transmission process. Contact point contacting instability, led directly to the dynamic resistance fluctuation is too big, and cause signal distortion, may also make resistance is too large, and causes the loop heating, and may even burn out slip ring. The pressure between the sliding brush and the metal ring need to be transferred precisely benefits, if the pressure is too large, it will accelerate the wear of the sliding brush, if too loose, the resistance becomes large, so that make transmission effect variation.

    In the production process, the size processing must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of engineering drawings, for the engineering drawings, it is necessary to go through the recognition of two designers before entering the production chain, each procedure after the completion of the process before to the next must check the engineering drawings, to ensure its accuracy in the design and producing processes. Secondly, the material requirements are also quite strict, the insulating properties and the withstand voltage performance of the insulating material. In the choice of contact material, must have good conductive properties, but also wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant. There are some equipment is in the open air, temperature difference of a year is quite large, winter in some places 30 - degrees below zero, summer some working environment temperature reach 70-80 degrees, so, in material selection and inspection should give full consideration to these factors.

    Slip ring is a precision part, need designer, production personnel, and inspection personnel, management personnel jointly careful work to assist each other, and strengthen communication with each other, to make the quality to a new level.
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