The Transition from Conventional Slip Ring To Wireless Slip Ring

Date: 2018-11-22 14:56:51

      When we talk of the slip ring, we generally refer to the entry of slip ring in the modern industrial sphere. But the use of the slip ring in the industrial sphere was just the beginning of the story of the wide application of slip ring. Several years down the line we have seen its application in various other fields such as marine defense, medical and more interestingly in the robotics industry. It would be really naive of us to conclude that such changes came with the pronounced use of orthodox slip rings. In fact, we need to come to terms with the fact that, along with the timeline of its (slip ring) multifaceted usage there have been several developments which made the wide application possible.


Transition to the wireless slip ring

      Initially, the workload of the slip ring was quite limited in the sense that the function of slip rings was quite generic. The minimal usage of slip ring also reflects from the fact that the kind of equipment used then was not that sophisticated. A prime example would be the inclusion of automation. A concept that was relatively unheard off then, but with time the level of automation that is introduced in the industrial sector was quite high. Having stated the introduction of the automation, the need of modern slip ring was something that almost became innate. Thus, the transition of from the orthodox slip ring to the advanced slip ring had already begun.


slip ring technology and Customisation


      It is imperative to stress on the fact that inclusion modern slip ring technology and Customisation on a large scale was still an alien concept back then. But, one way or the other to cater the need the need of masses, the quantum of output had to be invariably increased. As a result of which, the equipment used in the production line got an added design cue and were made more efficient. To work in sync with the upgrades of the equipment the slip ring manufacturer had to certainly do way with the ordinary slip ring technology and make a shift towards modern slip ring technology.

      Another important aspect of the modernization of slip ring was the introduction of customization element, which made life easier for the users who made the huge investment it the high-end machinery. It had a dual effect, firstly, it made the operational process smoother and lucid and secondly, the output obtained increased with a certainty of high quality.

Modern slip rings and wireless slip ring

      To understand the impact of moving in line with the modernization and implementing the latest technology can be understood from the range of slip ring that surfaced. Modern slip ring such as wireless slip ring made the transmission possible without unwanted stacking wires which would often get damaged with continuous usage. Also, the quality of the signal transmitted was kept intact. Another prime example of modern slip ring are the ones used in robotics for data communication, which is quite intriguing as the vastness of slip ring application in fields akin to robotics is still to be unearthed.

Reference Parts# of Slip Rings as below:
MFO808 series Fiber Optic Rotary Joints(optional+Electrical Slip Rings)
MT1233 series Rotary Electrical Connectors | Rotary Electrical Joint
how to customized slip ring
MT1256 series Through Bore Slip Ring
MUSB series USB slip ring | slip ring USB
MW3119 series High Current Slip Rings

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