moflon slip rings
MW3119 Series

MW Series Large Current Slip Rings
  • MW3119 series is large current slip ring with OD (outer diameter) 119mm and rotor flange installation.
  • This series slip ring can be with rated current 20A/30A/50A to over 100A.
  • This series slip ring has the advantages of high precision rotation, stable performance and longer working life.
  • The contact material adopts Metal + ultra hard gold-plated treatment, with small torque, long working life, small resistance ripples and stable transmission performance.

Standard series PART# Explanation:

Product grade
Products Level CodeMax Rotating SpeedWorking LifeContact Material
VC100RPM10 Million Revsprecious metal
VD200RPM30 Million RevsGold-plated

Mechanical DataElectrical Data
Working LifeSee Product Quality Level PowerSignal
Rotating SpeedSee Product Quality Level Rated Voltage0~690VAC/VDC0~440VAC/VDC
Working temp-30℃~80℃Insulation Resistance≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDC
Operating Humidity0~85% RHLead WiresAWG8#=50A, 或AWG8 parallelAWG22#Tin-coated teflon
Contact MaterialSee Product Quality Level Lead LengthStandard 300mm
Housing Materiaaluminium alloyDielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Torque0.1N.m;+0.03/1ringElectrical Noise<0.01Ω
Protection gradeIP51

MW3119 Series slip ring part# list
MW3119-P0150100000 35MW3119-P02500000002 236.8
MW3119-P01100 0 10000 45.2MW3119-P0350 30000 0 55.4
MW3119-P0115000 1000 55.4MW3119-P031000 30000 86
MW3119-P01200000 100 65.8MW3119-P0315000 3000 120.6
MW3119-P013000000 10 86MW3119-P03200000 300 151.2
MW3119-P0150000000 1 130.8MW3119-P033000000 30 226.6
MW3119-P0250 200000 45.2MW3119-P0450 400000 65.8
MW3119-P021000 20000 65.8MW3119-P041000 40000 106.4
MW3119-P0215000 2000 86MW3119-P0415000 4000 151.2
MW3119-P02200000 200 106.4MW3119-P04200000 400 192
MW3119-P023000000 20 151.2MW3119-P043000000 40 277.6

Note: 1. N channels 60A rings parallel can be used as 1 channel N * 60A current. For example: 2 rings 60A parallel could be used as 1 wires 120A
Optional for adding signal wire, thermocouple signal wire and high temperature resistance, it can be customized on customer's request. Please contact customer service for more information.