Advantages Of The Use Of Slip Rings Automation Equipment

Date: 2018-11-22 15:00:06

      Automation equipment is a device that can operate on its own without regular human intervention. They carry out the work according to the specific preinstalled set of instructions given to them. This technology makes reduces the physical work and partially the mental work of the humans. They also facilitate the operation in an environment which is hazardous to human health. This automation of the machine and the parts of the machines are made possible with the help of electrical slip ring also known as rotary joints.

Reasons for Use

      The use of slip rings in the process of automation of the industrial equipment has in numerous advantages making it more suitable for the process of automation. The rotary joints or the electrical slip ring can achieve a rotation of 360 degrees. This provides the flexibility of operation of the device. They are also able to transmit multiple signals at the same time because of the multiple channels of transmission available in the slip ring. This facilitates the communication of different parts of the device and coordination with each other and also the direction of the different parts to perform a specific function at a specific time and simultaneously.

      The devices are integrated with different types of rotary joints for the full automation of the device to work so multiple types of rotary joints mean multiple channels of transmission. But it needs to be taken care that the data is not lost during this transmission and neither do they mix with the other or there is no interruption in the process of transmission. This is achieved through the use of advanced fiber brushes and precious metal brushes as they reduce the wear of the brushes and in turn help in achieving accurate transmission of the signals.

      The corrosion of the surface of the conductive rings due to the debris from the wear of the brushes is also reduced and this reduces the vibration of the equipment and dislocation of the internal parts. Moreover, the brushes and the conductive are insulated from each other this help to insulate the signals from one another and does not cause a cross connection. Due to these reasons, the electrical noise of the slip rings is also reduced and increasing the accuracy of the transmission.

      Due to its compact size, they are easy and best in operation in places where space is constricted. They can handle very harsh and hazardous weather which is not humanly possible. And since the life cycle of the rotary devices is long and the maintenance is low they are best suitable for the use in the process of automation in different industries.

      As the industrial structure grows the more and will be the requirement for the automation of the industries. This will lead to more research and development in slip ring technology and development of new slip rings to achieve better automation. the slip rings have become the heart of many industries and the usage continues to grow because of its usefulness.

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