Structure of Miniature Slip Rings

Date: 2018-11-23 15:02:23

      A slip ring is a precision mechanical device. It helps to achieve rotation between two structures which does not require interfacing with each other and also allows the passage of power and electrical signals. The slip ring assembly is formed of conductive loop bodies, assembly of carbon brushes, the dust cover, in combination with precision bearing bracket flanges or the corresponding interface component.

      The technical principle that the slip rings use is the installation of the rotational shaft with the combination of precision bearing bracket flanges forms a part of the rotation mechanism. Multiple circuit wires and several conductive loop elements are connected to mutually insulated conductive rings.

Installation of the brush assembly

      The brush assembly is installed with the help of a combination of brackets at a fixed position. To a certain extent, there is a pressure is always present in the brushes in contact with the conductive rings. They are composed of brush and wire assembly which is respectively pressed against the corresponding conductive rings. This ensures that the several looped wire's simultaneous rotating mechanisms transmit the multiplex signals or currents respectively through the respective wires, then the conductive rings, then the brushes, and then finally to the electronic control system or the signal processing unit which is connected with the brush. This is done in order to achieve precise transmission of multi-channel electrical signal transmission between the relative rotations of the two bodies.

Facilitating multichannel transmission

      In order to facilitate the transmission of the multi-channel signals (or current) respectively through the wires, the conductive rings do not interfere with each other only the respective brushes. To achieve accuracy in transmission the multiplex electrical signal, the signals need to be insulated from each other by mutual shielding. In the case of large size, slip rings the mutual insulation between the multiplex electrical signals or current and the path carrying the electrical signals or current is relatively easy. But in case of miniature slip rings, the task of separate shielding of the different channels of transmission in a small space (Eg. 17mm X 48mm) from each other, a between the signals and the signal paths by insulation is a greatly difficult task.

      Everywhere space is limited and where space is limited and critical, the miniature slip ring can be used due to its compact design. Advanced fiber brush technology and precious multi-contacts are used in the capsulated miniaturized slip rings. These miniaturized slip rings offer low electrical noise for the high rate of data transmission. As there is development in the industrial field, companies are trying to achieve the name of professional slip ring manufacturer. The top priorities have been producing quality, technology, service and the interest and utility to consumers as a core of development. And today slip rings are recognized as an integral and indispensable part of any machinery or equipment.

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