All You Need To Know About Slip Ring Collectors

Date: 2018-12-01 09:18:02

what are slip ring collectors?

      Before getting into the intricate details of slip ring collector's, let us first begin with first understanding what is actually after all a slip ring collector is? The slip ring collectors are a variant of the electromechanical device which is used in rotating equipment. They are, especially, paired with a special kind of brush which is paired along with the rings. This setup is essential for the uninterrupted flow of current signals from the stationary part to a rotating structure which the basic principle of a slip ring.

Usage parameters of slip ring collectors

      The slip ring collectors are generally used for in parent and subsidiary circuits which require a lower level of voltage. It is used in compliance with standard parameters of the level of voltage flow in the system.

      The use of slip ring collector is, especially, designed for the application in core industrial sector. They are designed in such a way the augurs or keeps the performance level of the equipment intact. They are able to operate in harsh working conditions which include a varying range of temperature with a lower limit of - 25-degree Celsius to an upper limit of +70 degree Celsius.

      The usage of slip ring collectors is prohibited in certain specific environments which include explosively atmosphere. Further, the slip ring collectors are restricted from use in the conditions where there is the presence of corrosive agents. Also, their use is restricted in conditions where there is a considerable level of sodium chloride or commonly referred to as the saline mist.


      There are certainly other elements which damage the slip ring collector's functionality. The list of such elements includes contact with salt, solvent, and acids. Also, cleaning or for that case maintaining the collectors without aligning with the set of regulations also hampers the functionality aspect of the device and decreases the lifespan of the device.

Cleaning and maintenance

      As per the slip ring manufacturer, maintenance and cleaning the device must be done according to the specific routine which is carved out with consulting any technician. One of the subtle yet important parts of maintenance is the removal of any kind of metallic dust residues that with continuous usage gets deposited on the rings.

      The cleaning should be done based on certain factors which include - the number of working hours, the rotational speed, and the level of current that flows through the system. According to the general norms, the cleaning is done with a gap 250 working hours between aby sessions of cleaning.

      The set of brushes are an integral part of the slip ring collectors. Thus, the orderly maintenance of the slip ring assembly becomes a mandate. The brushes must be immediately replaced if any part of multiple or a single ring gets worn out or there is a loose contact between the slip ring and brush. Also, lubrication and the greasing of the ring and the brushes should be avoided.

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