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The market of capsule slip rings in 2013

Many people may know the importance of economic for slip ring industry, In recent days, the need of capsule slip ring is declining, most likely because of the decline of high speed ball. As next half year is approaching, many companies which produce the high speed ball will enter the Installation Commissioning phase instead of the design of assembly. Many kinds of Economic Data indicates that despite the decrease of the fields in the industrial sector, the Economic growth is still high. By comparing with capsule slip ring with through hole slip ring and customized slip ring, the last 2 take a larger part of the market and applications have been made for them more wide than the capsule slip ring. Most products in a particular industry including small and large businesses need the usage of the through hole slip ring. Customized slip ring has strength in MOFLON and mass production for it seems impossible for a large number of customers, especially for those who are in the first stage of business. but as reliable quality ,perfect in workmanship ,stable performance etc, MOFLON bulid friendly business relationship with more and more customers.
The most recent sales record indicate that shipping of capsule slip ring and wind turbine slip ring have a sharp rising trend in the first half year, but in the next half year, most customers will need the usage of customized and special slip ring. The Analysis from market demand, it can be found market tendency, acquiring related information is extremely important for arranging production and purchasing materials for slip ring manufacturers, therefore it`s necessary to summarize and track those dates and in this case the production and management can have more purposes, also foresee ability and production management will be improved. In order to reply in time with the markets, we should analyze and discuss every sale in details up to date.

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The market of capsule slip rings in 2013

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