Application of Electrical Slip Rings in Military Equipment

Date: 2018-12-03 14:22:37

      In the modern era, the slip rings have been inevitably used in all kinds of the field. Be it the generic use in regular to high-end equipment. Over the years, we have seen the usage of slip ring evolve to form the utmost base to something sophisticated as satellite. But what had made this change possible? Why has there been such a surge in the application of slip ring? There are different ways to approach this question. However, two of the most prominent argument which defines the widespread application.

Technological sophistication of equipment and slip ring technology

      The reason why we now the use of slip rings in fields like military equipment and satellite communication is the evolution of slip ring technology. Also, the orthodox form of slip ring was itself a barrier for modernization to be accepted in its entirety. Mostly, the existing lot of slip ring was not potent enough to work in unison or complement the modern slip set of equipment.

Demand for higher output

      With the passage of time the demand for quantum for output increased manifold. However, the kind of technological sophistication that was constant. Thus, there was a pressing need to incorporate a new form of technologies which would cater to the requirement of increasing quantum of output.


The use of a slip ring in military/defense equipment

      The modern forms of military equipment are designed to meet the high-performance needs, which combines speed and accuracy. In such kind of equipment microwave and laser, transmitters are used which works on the basis of high-frequency data and signals. Thus, slip ring becomes an essential part of such equipment.

      The signals in case of such equipment need to be transmitted at really a high speed and in sync with 360-degree motion. There are various kinds of slip rings used for this purpose. But more often than not the use of an electrical slip ring is highly prevalent. However, to suit the condition there is certain design alteration that is included in such slip rings.

      The use of electrical slip ring as mentioned earlier is based on customisation. There are several factors that are taken into consideration for customising the electrical slip ring. To list a few- the kind of signals to be transmitted, the rate at which the transmission should ideally take place, the number of circuits required so on and so forth.

      The external factors also have a say on the elements that need to changed which include humidity, heat and moisture. To minimise the level of wear the slip rings contain a high-quality brush and contact material. Also, the brushes used are generally made of graphite to increase the level of conductivity. Finally, there is the gold plating on the conductive ring which is a subtle addition, but as it turns out in tough working conditions, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of rings.

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