Reasons for The Introduction Of Fiber Optic Slip Ring

Date: 2018-12-07 14:24:57

      In the midst of a variety of different kind of slip rings catering to different requirements, the need for devising a slip ring that could transmit parallel optical signals to the different part of the rotary system without any intervention led to the introduction of fiber optic slip ring.

      Generally, slip rings are classified into several forms of rotary joints with a basic function of transmitting signals. But the need for transmission of optical signal was a product of modernized equipment and feeding that became possible with the development of slip ring technology.



Categorization of fiber optic slip ring

      The fiber optic slip ring is generally classified on the basis of their involvement in the entire transmission process. The fiber optic slip ring branches into two types. The first form is called the active fiber optic connector, while the second form is known as the passive optic connector. Just by the names, a certain line of thought might emerge. Let's look into them at length.

The active fiber optic slip ring connector

      The active fiber optic slip ring is considered to be on the heavier side on comparison to the other forms of the slip ring. Also, they are said to have a fewer number of channels as opposed to its counterparts.


      The active form fiber optic joint is further categorized into single, dual and multi-channeled. When we add an attribute of complex structure, we necessarily refer to the multi-channel form of the slip ring. Although the structure of such slip ring is complex, the other side of the story is that they are apt enough to transmit a huge load of data and an optical signal.

Advantages of fiber optic slip ring

      The first optic slip ring is the product of modern slip ring technology. Thus, it does have all the common advantages of a modern slip ring like the fact they are made up of high-quality material which reduces the need for maintenance, and at the same time, extends the lifespan of the slip ring. But, besides such overlapping advantages, it has a certain set of unique advantages as well.



      The way in which they are designed makes room for high-speed transmission that we often relate to the high-speed slip ring. Also, the fact that they made up of high-quality optical fibers also adds in the speed of transmission. Also, the bandwidth of this kind of slip rings makes it a go-to electromechanical device in the core industrial process. Further, with the use of such slip ring, the integrity of the transmission is kept intact and the signal losses, due to electromagnetic interference or any other form, is minimized.



      The only cause for concern with fiber optic slip ring is that initial procurement and installation of such slip ring costs more than any other slip rings. This is also the main reason why the users shy away from using fiber optic slip ring.

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