Importance Of Carbon Brush Maintenance

Date: 2018-12-14 15:49:56

      The pieces of advice that have been coming in have increased with time as the number of slip ring manufacturer is rising. These words of advice are in the form of the written manual from manufacturers and technician and have gone a long way in making users aware of the need for maintenance of the slip ring and brush in general.



      It would not be wrong to state that the idea of slip ring maintenance is still more ingrained in the general thought process of the user. But the whole concept of carbon brush maintenance is something, which not many users are acquainted with.

      Here, comes the role of slip ring manufacturer and other concerned to individuals to effectively communicate the importance of carbon brush maintenance.

Several key aspects in the carbon brush maintenance

Preventive maintenance

      The basic purpose of preventive maintenance is to check the carbon brush along with the entire slip ring unit in several phases. This helps to ensure that final equipment at large works in the desired manner.

      The way to effective preventive maintenance begins with inspecting the machine during operation. This is the first phase, which is followed at the inspection during the machine slow down. This then continues through the final phase, which ends with the stopping of the machine.



      In the final stage, when the machine stops, there are important steps which must be followed by the user. Firstly, the process of cleaning must begin straight away. This leads to the second step, which is running a check through the electrical items.

      Finally, when you are ready to start the machine again, the user must go through a double check pattern for all the electrical components. This is done to ensure that all the specific compliance requirements, that are set by the slip ring manufacturer, are met.

Detailed inspection during the slow down and machine stops

      The process of observing the working of an equipment with a bid to understand the deviation begins at the initial phase and ends with the machine finally slowing down to a halt.



      As the machine begins to slow down and stops, the user must take note of the vibration and any kind of eerie noise. This noise mainly occurs when the machine operates at a low speed. Also, observing such noises is easier when the speed, at which the machine is operating, is decreased to minimal.

      The noises can be generated from the machine frames, bearings or the bearings houses and the carbon brushes. The user must also be keen on observing the rattling noises from the flexible coupling.

      On the sidelines, one of the important things that the user must do when the machine stops is that they must measure the temperature of the conductive ring for further comparisons. The above steps complete the process of inspection when the machine is beginning to slow down until it stops completely.

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