All About Miniature Hybrid Slip Ring

Date: 2018-12-15 15:56:52

      Changing times have led to the sophistication of generic equipment and introduction of several new types of such setups. The changing design pattern has brought to the front certain crucial advantages like better control over the monitoring system in a production plant, along with the increase in the quantum of output.



      The advantages of modern equipment came at the cost of several limitations which were an inherent part of the modern designing cue. Among the various issues that came along the way with the way with the introduction of modern equipment, is the problem of space crunch for the installation of a new slip ring.

      This problem was something that did need some immediate attention just because it is the slip ring that provides the necessary power to different components of the equipment. Without the introduction of the slip ring, the modern equipment would be no better than use the older and traditional ones.

Hybrid slip ring and the solutions to the installation

      The solution to the installation problem related to space crunch was gradually taken out of the equation with the introduction of several miniature forms of the slip ring. The latest inclusion in the miniature forms is the miniature hybrid slip ring. This form of slip ring is designed in such a manner that it is quite apt to adjust to the size constraint.



      The hybrid slip ring is a combination of different kind of slip ring properties. Generally, the hybrid slip ring is a combination of the electrical and fiber optic slip ring. Besides, providing effective solutions to installation space, the hybrid slip ring also provides dual properties in a single unit.

      Contrary to the orthodox components, the hybrid slip ring meets the requirement of electrical and power signal transmission. Further, the rotational speed of the equipment is not hampered even a bit. While in the case of the orthodox slip ring, not only the requirement of the diverse signal was quite unattainable, but also matching up to the rotational speed of the device proved to be an uphill task.



Eliminating any form of signal interference

      Working aspects of the electrical and the fiber optic slip ring independently are very different as opposed to amalgamating them into a single unit. As for the electrical slip ring, it just has to meet the electrical and the rotational speed requirements laden with a design cue when used independently. This makes it apt enough to handle the external factors like humidity, heat and moisture. The same goes for the fiber optic slip ring which is quite up to the task when it comes to transmitting data signals.

      When this comes to combining both forms of the slip ring, the signal transmission becomes complicated. The hybrid slip ring is designed in such a way that both forms of transmission carry on simultaneously without any undue interference.

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