An Insight Into The Diversification Of Slip Ring Application

Date: 2018-12-20 14:54:59

      The slip ring is an electromechanical device that helps in transmission of a different kind of signal from a stationary to a rotating part and vice-versa. Now, this is a definition which most of us will be familiar with, but what constitutes these different kinds of signals?



      Originally, when slip ring first came into the scene, it was primarily used for transmission of power signals in the equipment used in core industrial section. But as we moved from different phases, the requirement of slip ring was not a just limited transfer of power signals only. There were certain other variables that got attached to it.

Changing face of slip ring Industry

      As the slip ring industry was evolving, so was the slip ring technology, which was one part of the story. The other part of the story is that the equipment which was then used in industries provided a limited quantum of output. Thus, it comes with no surprise that with changing tides of times, the need for the increased quantum of output was the new metric efficiency. The numbers related to production metric grew.



      The need for catering to people on a global scale led to a need of increased output. Now, to achieve this objective, the equipment used in such industries became more technologically advanced. Thus, on one hand, we had the slip ring industry evolving and on the other hand, we see that equipment was getting a technological face over. What manifested next was a widespread application of slip ring.

Application of slip ring

      With the introduction to changes in the slip ring design and formation of new kind of technology, the application increased too. Earlier, the slip ring was used just in certain industrial processes due to its limited properties.



      The additional changes in the slip ring added a certain set of fresh properties that made it jump from a single niche to a wider set of acceptable fields. The modern slip rings are used in areas such as motion control, packaging, wind turbine and satellite communication. But this increased application does pose a question regarding the effect of the changes in the slip ring design. What, at the first place, made such vast application possible?

      On surface screening of the newer forms of the slip ring, we can infer the effect of changes. For an instance, the earlier set of slip rings simply would have no use in satellite communication as it could not transmit the data signals and that, right there, is the effect of change that we are referring to here. A modern ethernet slip ring is designed in such a way that it primarily carries out the task of transferring data signals, which was quite clearly missing from the earlier set of the slip ring. Thus, it is designing with a perspective to catering to the need of the equipment at hand is the spine of widespread application of slip ring.

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MT250398 series Through Bore Slip Ring
MEPH Rotary Joints Video - Smooth rotating
MPCB025 series PCB Slip Rings
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MC330 series Slip Ring Contact

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