How to choose the right slip ring

Date: 2018-12-21 17:06:01

      The different forms of slip rings that are available in the industrial sector demands for a different type of coverings. The covering material is based on the physical structure of the slip ring. some of the slip rings have a small bore aperture while others have wide bore aperture. Different slip ring manufacturer provide the details on the different type of coverings to be used with respect to size, shape, and material of the slip ring.



      Some of the most common options of slip ring are as follows - Dome Aluminum, Spun Aluminum, PVC cover, clam shells, and wrap- around Aluminum. While the most commonly used covering pattern is rectangular covering with detachable side panels.



Cover options

Spun Aluminum

      The design cue of the spun aluminum makes it a perfect fit for the 1.50" bore slip ring series and the smaller variant of such through bore slip ring series. The other factors related to painting, substance coating is based on the external environmental conditions. The Alodine and Anodize based treatment are carried forward based on both working condition and the structure of the equipment on which the cover is to be applied.



PVC cover

      The PVC cover series is considered to fit the varying environmental conditions which are at bay. Such form of covering is quite apt for 2- 4 inches bore slip ring series. Quite naturally, despite such quality to suit the varying environmental condition needs, it has a limited applicability pertaining to the bore aperture of slip ring series.

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