Application of Slip Rings in the Construction Mechanism

Date: 2018-12-22 14:27:31

      The construction machines are used to lift material, mix material and handling many operations that require hard labor. The slip rings that are used in the machine for construction are very durable and handle a lot of pressure and vibration and work in rough conditions. The slip rings play a large role in the operation of the automatic construction machinery. The joints of the machines in the construction business are fitted with slip ring technology to facilitate movement.



Environmental Conditions

      A rotary slip ring is a device which transmits electrical and data signals to facilitate the movements of the joints in the construction machines. These slip rings are especially useful as they can handle and operate in extremes of temperature. The temperature ranges that the slip rings can handle is very high, this means they are operational in very high temperatures as well as extremely low temperatures. The slip rings can also be operational in harsh and rough weather conditions.


      The slip rings are sealed inside an aluminum housing. This helps in protection of the internal parts of the slip ring. As the dust and debris and any corrosive element or particles cannot enter inside the internal parts of the slip ring, the corrosion of the surface of the conductive rings is less. This helps in providing a stable and efficient transmission. Moreover, they prevent the vibration from being caused due to corrosion. They are also fitted with grooves on the conductive rings to make sure the brushes stay on the grooves and provide good connectivity and are not displaced due to any vibration.



Low maintenance of the internal parts of the slip ring arrangement

      The wear of the brushes and the friction of the brushes on the conductive rings are minimized as the brushes are made of fiber brush technology or precious metals. This helps in the reduction of the dust and debris in the internal parts of the machine. This makes the need for regular maintenance of the machine less and consumes fewer materials and cost of maintenance is also reduced. This also helps in reducing the probability of the slip rings being stuck or jammed during the process of transmission or operation due to the debris being accumulated in the inside of the slip rings. This also increases the service life of the slip rings. And make them more efficient as a tool for being used in the heavy duty machines.



      These slip rings are customizable as per the requirements and need to the users or the industries. They are the revolutionary device that has made the operation of many heavy machines simple. They are very durable and so are being used more and more in different sectors of industry as well as the household. They have made a huge contribution to the development of the industrial sector and the standard of living. As humans are evolving so is the need for research and development in the field of slip ring technology to help raise the standard of living.

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