The Need for Electrical Slip Rings

Date: 2018-12-27 16:04:05

      The generic need of slip rings can be ascertained with the proper understanding of the definition itself. The slip ring is generally described as an electromechanical device that helps in transmission of electrical and power signal from stationery to a rotatory part. This is the definition of slip ring that we have come across at some level or the other.



      Every major aspect of slip ring lies in the definition itself. It brings to light the idea of transmitting something from one point to other. The something here is the key as it refers to the signals that is required for normal functioning of an equipment. The pattern of transmission is also established in the definition.


Moving from generic slip ring to electric slip ring

      The functionality of the slip ring more or less remains the same, be it the electrical slip ring or any other slip ring. There is just a basic change in the kind of signals transmission. Each kind of slip ring offers a transmission of a certain set of signals that goes a long way in defining the functionality level of the equipment at hand.



      The generic slip ring has been used in the initial phase for industrial production plants. The basic purpose of slip ring then was transmitting the power signals which slowly changed into the transmission of electrical and the data signal.

      The orthodox slip ring was designed in such a manner that all the requirement of transmission of power was met with. However, when the wave of modernization transformed the industrial equipment, the need for a newer form of slip ring emerged out of the inefficacy of the current lot. Thus, the application of an electrical slip ring came into the scene.

Electrical slip ring

      As the type of transmission signals was increasing, there was yet another change in terms of the pattern of transmission. The transmission requirement of electrical signals must comply with the rotational speed of the entire unit.

      The conventional set of slip ring not only failed to transmit the electrical signal but, at the same time, they could not match up to the rotational speed. An electrical slip ring, on the other hand, was apt to transmit electrical and power signal without compromising on the rotational requirement front.



Components of the electrical slip ring

      The design cue of the electrical slip ring was something that made the process of the meeting such transmission requirement a natural process. In fact, it was the type and quality of component of the slip ring assembly that made it potent enough to tackle the conditions.

      The ring sizes, in case of such slip ring, vary according to the installation space requirement of the device. The diameter of the ring varies from several inches to feet, which comes off as no surprise considering the kind of equipment that is used. One of the highlights of such slip ring is that it can be easily customized without incurring huge cost and time.

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