What Are Super Miniature Slip Rings?

Date: 2018-12-29 15:53:48

      miniature slip rings are very small size slip rings used in very compact and precision tools or devices. But there a category of slip rings which are super miniature in size. They are used for the transmission of electricity and signals which are very weak and they have an outer diameter of less than 6 to 12 mm. The extremely small size and compact structure allow them to be used in very small electrical instruments where the transmission of the signal strength is very low yet precise.



Compact Size

      The super miniature slip ring is super miniature in size. And can like any other slip rings transmit analog data and digital data at the same time. The arrangement of the rings and the brushes are very small and very compact. But the efficiency and the precision of the slip ring is maintained like any other slip rings. These can be fitted in a standard module and for the transmission of power and electrical signals. Being extremely miniature in size enables it to be fitted in many compact devices facilitating the operation of very small electrical devices.

Electrical Noise

      The surface of the conductive rings has been provided with grooves to help to keep the contact brushes in place and to ensure there is no displacement of the brushes from the rings causing stop transmission. The surface of the conductive rings and the contacts are polished so that there is a smooth transmission of the signals without any friction and there is less wear of the brushes. To reduce the wear of the brushes advanced fiber and precious metal contacts are also used as they allow precise transmission without the cause of corrosion and wear of the brushes or the conductive rings. This helps in reducing the electrical noise of the transmission.



      There are multiple contacts in every circuit. This helps to reduce the pressure on the contacts. Moreover, the contacts and the brush holders are placed on a spring which helps to even the pressure of the contacts on the conductive rings. This causes less debris generation as the corrosion of the internal parts is less. As the corrosion is less the probability of the rotating movement of the rings being stuck due to the accumulation of the debris is less. As a result, the vibration caused due to the corrosion of the parts and accumulation of debris is also less. So the parts are not displaced and maintain the performance of the rings.



Low Maintenance and Long Service Life

      As the generation of debris is less, maintenance of the internal parts of the slip rings is not required regularly. The cost of maintenance of the internal parts and the cost of replacement of the corroded parts is reduced, so the overall expense of the maintenance is less and the service life of the slip ring technology is increased.

      Slip rings are taking over all the industries as an integral and inevitable part of the industry. There are research and development being conducted to provide a better solution in terms of slip ring technology.

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