Modern Slip Ring and The Future

Date: 2018-12-29 15:55:12

      Looking into the aspect of the modern slip ring and assessing its future prospects is fascinating. If we move through the timeline of the evolution of the slip ring, the list of application of slip ring would provide a clear picture of the changes.

      The modern lot of slip ring has made the process of transmission simpler and some of the seemingly impossible application a reality. For instance, the application of slip ring in space equipment is something that was remote and unpredictable. But on the contrary, the use of a slip ring in some equipment and satellite communication is quite relevant today.



      The orthodox slip ring had its own share of disadvantage that surfaced with the passage of time. To eliminate the flaws of orthodox slip ring, the slip ring manufacturer have come up with a new form of the such device. Also, it was just a matter of time as the introduction of new slip ring technology almost made the inclusion of modern slip ring innate.

      Suddenly, with the introduction of newer forms of slip rings, the list of its application just kept on increasing. The current list of application of slip rings as seen in the field of motion control, packaging and turbines, give us an idea about the how the application and the relevance of slip ring increases with time.

      It also makes the predictability of future of modern slip ring quite a tedious task. Every analysis and prediction based on the data collected, falls to rest as the slip ring application is a dynamic field. It does not undermine the work done by the research and development, the data gathered also helps to make a prediction with regards to certain constraints.



Application of slip ring and its impact through examples

      The application of slip ring in the field of wind turbines is a testimony to the fact that the even a small device like slip ring can make a huge impact. The process of harnessing wind energy was considered to be tedious and complex. Also, investment made initially on harnessing wind energy through wind turbines was considered to be impractical. This line of thought emerged due to the absence of a simpler process by which current could flow through the system.



      The absence of a device that could transmit the current and data signals led to the introduction of the turbine slip ring. This form of slip ring just made the process of harnessing wind energy simpler on a larger scale as the power transmission with such form of slip ring was quite effective.

      The example of turbine slip ring only highlights the fact that from here on we will see more application of slip ring out form different pockets of research units established by slip ring manufacturer. Also, considering the latest slip ring application in the form of robotics and satellite communication just gives a nascent picture of how slip ring application will grow in the coming years.

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