Improving The Service Life Of Conductive Slip Ring

Date: 2019-01-02 15:49:47

      The introduction of slip ring came with an objective of having a device that could easily transmit the required signals in the most cost-effective manner. Apart from making the whole process cost-effective, the objective was to eliminate any form of complexities.

      The aforesaid objective was attained to a certain extent, but with the introduction of modern equipment, the same level of cost-efficiency was unattainable. This was a result of conventional slip ring being obsolete with the presence of demanding working conditions.



      The use of conventional slip ring in modern equipment was a complete mismatch as it would lead to a deterioration of components, especially, the carbon brush. The inability of the normal slip ring to match the rotational speed caused the slip ring and brush contact to wear out leading to repair or a complete replacement of the carbon brush. Thus, negatively impacting the cost efficiency of the product.

Ways to improve the service life of the slip ring

Proper maintenance schedule

      There is no other alternative increasing the lifespan than meticulously following the right maintenance schedule. It begins with assessing the kind of equipment that is put into use and understanding the slip ring employed for the purpose of transmission.



      The users must monitor the working of the slip ring closely in all phases, be it the initial starting phase or when the equipment is halfway into action and finally, when it begins to slow down. The process of assessing the equipment in the above three phases will, somewhat give a clear picture about the working of the slip ring based on rotational speed and the flow of current.

      In case there is a deviation registered in the rotational speed or the flow of current, it will help to ascertain the maintenance requirement. Further, testing of the equipment in such case will help to figure out certain minor issues in the component, which later might get aggravated and require a complete replacement.

Dealing with customization according to the standards

      Another most important factor, which can improve the working life of the slip ring, is the element of customization. On the contrary, it can also negatively impact the functioning of the equipment, which is commonly seen in various cases.



      The customization of the slip ring has to be done in complete order as per the requirement of the equipment. The introduction of a new component has to be made by complying with the standards set by the slip ring manufacturer.

      In most cases, the slip ring is customized to fit in the installation space requirement by adding certain alteration in the design pattern. There are various other ways in which customization increases the lifespan of the slip ring along with maintaining the level of efficiency. The impact of customization can also be observed with an increase in demand for the customized slip ring.

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