MW Series
10A~500A Power/Large Current Slip Ring
power slip ring,high current slip rings
  • • MW series large current slip ring is designed for big power transmitting, max current can support 7500A, with low contact resistance when 360°rotating.
  • • The housing of large current slip ring is designed with aluminum alloy or antiflaming engineering plastic, fast heat emission, and have a large number of cooling holes, Each slip ring would be tested for large current shock and temperature rise before delivery.

Part# Product Bore(mm)OD(mm)Circuit(ring)Current/ring(A)Max voltage(VDC/VAC) Details
--22~301~1210A~40A440 VIEW>>
25.4861~1210A~150A690 VIEW>>
501301~1210A~150A690 VIEW>>
0861~1210A~150A690 VIEW>>
01191~1210A~150A690 VIEW>>
0321~630A440 VIEW>>
--451~62~30440 VIEW>>
--45110A~1000A690 VIEW>>
--1582~410A~500A690 VIEW>>

What is large current slip ring?

Large current slip ring is a slip rings can transmitting large power/high current from a stationary part to a rotating part, preserving and isolating the electrical connection. Moflon's high current electric slip rings are high performance, low-cost alternatives to electric slip rings. Because they can function as rotary electrical connectors when high current is required, they are especially well suited for use in heating elements.
Thanks to our unique channeled brush technology, the contact pressure between the slip ring’s brushes and rotor are greatly reduced. This, coupled with multiple brush contact points, greatly extends working life and allows these devices to be used on continuously operating machinery.

Havn't found standard size of large current slip rings to fit my application?

1)  View "Customized Solutions", you can find more large current slip rings solutions.

2)  Customize your dimension for large current slip rings and Contact us : technical@moflon.com


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