slip rings with through bore

    Slip ring with through bore is specially designed for shaft mounting,reduce the fan maintenance requirements are important measures to reduce the risk of through bore system operation. As important parts of the through bore system--through bore slip ring mounted on inside the fan cabin cover, used to provide the transmission of variable propeller power and all kinds of control signals in the fan rotation state. The Slip ring with through bore used very widely, such as medical CNC rotary table, CNC machining centers, wire reels, packaging machinery, through bore generation equipment, etc., also used when transmitted signal with fixed and variable structure. In future, it will be used more widely as automation equipment, antomated test equipment, automation robot. This slip ring mainly use of those who need unrestricted continuous rotation from a stationary to rotating the location where transmission power or data. Its manufacturing process and principles similar other slip ring, through the brush and the contact beam with the current, signal and other data transmitted to the rotation from a stationary position. Slip ring with through bore of the basic technical parameters are outside diameter, inside diameter, length, ring, voltage, current, maximum speed and so on.The following slip ring assemblies represent a sample of products to demonstrate our range of capabilities. Aeroflex welcomes custom requirements. Customization can include number of power and signal lines, current capability, specialty signals such as fiber optics or RF, and the addition of position feedback.

    In those technology parameters, the length is variable and can be customized. There are some standard sizes in the industry for outside diameter and indide diameter , such as MOFLON inside diameter are 12.7mm series, 25.4mm series, 38.1mm series and so on, ranging from 12.7mm to 300mm. and there is a proportional for outside diameter, inside diameter, such as outside diameter of 12.7 half of 56mm. In Slip ring with through hole, the rings is a very important parameter, also can be decide the price expensive or cheaper. Though hole of loops from 1 to 24 range, different loops have different price, so in the manufacturing process, the large rings have more complex manufacturing process. Then, Though hole slip ring of structure and technical parameters of indicators more high demand, so the slip ring manufacturer must keep product with good quality and continue to research new products, new structures to accommodate future through hole of slip ring needs. And as the quantity is not large, many of production which are booked advance for processing and manufacturing needs, so the price for each production is higher. But like cap-type slip ring, each type has a certain standard, so the price cheaper than it.what is Slip ring with through hole? Slip ring of structure have many, according to the structure, field of use, such as the transmission medium has a different categories. Slip ring with through hole divide from structural, also known as slip rings hollow shaft slip ring.In order to insulation, sometimes may need to adopt newer material, which is why a large rings but the volume is small, where the price is very expensive factor. Maximum speed is the slip ring hole-type work of the highest rotational speed in minutes as a statistical unit. Under normal circumstances, can not be sustained for a long time to work at maximum speed, otherwise it will shorten the working life of the slip ring, if more than the highest speed to work, there will be greatly affect for the life, and the accuracy of the transmitted signal. Leading to increased signal noise, more serious cause signal distortion, it is easy to damage the slip rings. Slip ring with through hole of maximum voltage and maximum crowd is a limit argument. Normaly, it will not like this. Due to the initial design of the slip rings` electric brushes are used in a conductive block made of composite metal, in order to avoid the wear of the operation on the slip ring body, the design priority to wear the electric brush. Due to the using life of slip ring itself and conductive powder which produced when wearing, seriously affect the normal operation of the through bore system, especially the powder in the humidity environment is more sensitive, so they need to be cleaned regularly. On the market, about 60% of the through bore slip rings use the composite metal electric brush, about 30% use the monofilament precious metal electric brush and nearly 10% use of fiber brush electric brush.

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