Slip Rings Used for USB Transmissions

Date: 2019-01-08 16:03:16

      There are specially designed slip rings for better use in USB transmission. They are generally comprised of 11 circuits per pair, aluminum alloyed housing, and brushes made of precious metals. They have a protection level of IP65. They can very easily provide up to 10 million rotations within the service life. They are also customizable as per the requirement and the use. They generally can handle a large range of temperature making them more suited for use in industries where the temperatures are extremely high. They are also made waterproof, vibration resistant, pressure proof and provide a reliable transmission. They have to build input and output terminals for quick plug and play.



Stable Transmission

      Stable transmission of the slip rings is achieved by the use of the precious metal brushes in the slip ring rotor. The brushes are made of precious metals as they are a good conductor of electricity and are capable of transmitting signals efficiently without the loss of data in transmission. For this reason, they are able to provide a lower bit error rate and provide a high velocity of data transfer and a higher bandwidth. The operating temperature range for the slip rings is very high which enables the slip rings to be operational even in the extremes of temperature and adverse climates. The resistance to vibration and the device being waterproof also the increases the ability of the device.

      This low vibration is due to low friction. The surface of the conductive rings is polished and the brushes used are made of precious metals. This reduces the corrosion due to the friction of the rings and the brushes. Moreover, the pressure of the brushes on the conductive rings is less and this also helps in reducing the fore of friction and in turn the vibration of the equipment. So, the risk of displacement of the parts of the slip ring assembly is less.



Longer Service Life

      The wear of the internal parts is less due to the used of the polished surface of the rings and the brushes were made of precious metals. The corrosion is also less as there is less possibility of chemicals reaction of the internal parts due to the use of precious metals and the slip ring apparatus being placed inside the aluminum alloyed housing which is sealed from the outside environment. Since the debris generation is less the risk of the debris getting stuck in the internal parts of the slip rings and causing the slip rings to stop and hamper the operation is less. Due to this reason, the need for maintenance at regular intervals and the replacement cost of the worn out parts is reduced. And this increases the service life of the slip rings.



      In almost every device, slip ring has become a crucial part. The slip rings have revolutionized the industrial operation and brought an era of precision in operation. Now they are being readily used in almost every household.

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